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  1. rejackson73

    Floating A Tax Deduction

    I currently charter my boat so I may have a different situation. Even with that path, I can only claim deductions for a couple of years before the IRS declares it as a 'hobby loss' and no longer a 'viable business.' I have heard of people trying to maintain that loss for 5+ years and they were...
  2. rejackson73

    Radar Mounting Options

    Thanks for the quick response...I was concerned about this as well.
  3. rejackson73

    Radar Mounting Options

    Greetings, I'm looking at replacing my C80 plotter with a newer model, and adding Radar to my 38' sailing vessel (Raymarine Quantum). From my discussions, there are two common options for mounting the Radome. 1.) Mount on the mast - this seems to be the most common solution. I have concerns...
  4. rejackson73

    Bareboat out of Newport RI

    I rarely get out of the bay but cuttyhunk is largely discussed as a hotspot, much closer than any of the islands. Depending on how far you could also look at Montauk or Mystic. within the bay there are all sorts of neat little coves and anchorages, so be sure to spend some time just...