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    Bow Eye

    Anyone replace or worked on the bow eye on an 85 boat or later? I have to cut an access through the anchor locker and need some guidance on how large a hole to cut. I was thinking 4.5 in should be plenty?

    Sail Number?

    Is my sail number part of my HIN? I know... it is on the sail dummy. I have not raised the sail since I bought her a few weeks ago. Performing lots of fixes. My girl has been neglected.

    Traveler Car Mainsheet

    Anyone replaced their Traveler Car on an 86? My sheaves are shot. I ordered one from CD.

    Shrouds and Stays diameter?

    Thinking of buying a Loos Gauge and want the correct one for the Cat 22. What is the diameter of the stays and shrouds? Thanks, Dan

    Loos Gauge near Canyon Lake?

    Hello Cat 22's. New owner, first post. I purchased my Boat in Tulsa OK. Attempted to trailer home and lost the axle. A week later after my first B.O.A.T. I returned to Tulsa and made it home. I am in the process of doing a Bottom Job, replacing the keel cable, turning ball, volcano and...