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    Anyone parting out an S25?

    Wonderful advice from other boaters lead me to discover that my boom (and likely mast) are not original. Thank you to all of the folks who replied to my post below. Anyone out there parting out an S25? Apologies... should not ask that question.
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    Two Questions about the S25

    1) The through hull for the rudder post has started leaking around the top and draining eventually to the bilge. Water gathers in the back of the seating area when it rains so this is becoming a hassle. Any suggestions for an inexpensive repair? I was thinking of "gooping" a teflon ring to...
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    NEED rudder for S25

    45mpg gusts and the rudder sheared off just outside the hull. Would deeply appreciate either a line on a used rudder, who might build one, or the design so I can have one fabricated. Quite the adventure bringing her home with a 30 year old Johnson 9.9 and using the jib to point the boat...
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    Advice on main sheet fiddle etc.

    I have an S25 and the upper fiddle and lower fiddle/cam etc are just about worn out. Actually, they are. The only thing stamped on the blocks are the words "Sail Speed". Looking on the net, I find nothing on this name of any value. Was thinking of rebuilding them rather than purchasing new...
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    Signs of a worn out main sail?

    This is likely a dumb question... but here goes. What signs will tell me when a main sail is truly worn out? The Main Sail I use now came with the boat and I have sailed it for two seasons. It's old and I've never just worn a sail out before. Please educate me on what to look for. THANK YOU!!
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    Need replacement goose neck

    The goose neck (from boom to mast) is just plain worn out on my 1979 S25. Anybody know where a replacement might be found? I need the piece that bolts to the mast, the virtical connecting pin, and the block that the pin goes through that attaches to the boom via a clevis pen. Thank you for...
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    Suggestions on leak search?

    My 25 leaks a bit when underway. When in the slip, no water comes in at all. I have looked in the fore locker and see nothing. Nothing aft. Anyone have ideas where the water might be coming in and why only under sail? A typical easy four hour sail will bring in 4-8 gallons. A hard sail...
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    Advice sought on a new motor

    I am ready to replace my old Johnson 9.9. The new 4 strokes are heavy but much more fuel efficient. I have read suggestions for engines ranging from 6 to 9.9 horsepower. Please give me your thoughts on an adequate HP engine for the S25. Thank you!!
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    Rigging Question from a Newbie

    Two Questions 1) There is a vinyl covered wire leading aft from the top of the mast that has a small pulley mounted at the end. It's length leaves it about 2 feet above the boom. What is it? 2) There is a small pulley spring mounted just forward of the mast on the deck. What is this for...