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  1. isaksp00

    "Mark as read" not showing for individual threads issue

    (I figured I'd start an issue oriented thread rather than tagging on to the many messages in the master thread above, which has various issues spread across the forum with no contiguity) OK, so it seems that "mark as read" for each thread does show on PC based browsers (except maybe if window is...
  2. isaksp00

    Gel coat product recommendations

    This is for a '91 H23, but I imagine it is pretty standard across the various boats. I realize that I am not going to get a real color match, but may as well get as close as possible. I had some scratching and gouging on the hull when a rear dock line snapped. I don't think I need a gallon...
  3. isaksp00

    How to adjust bow support on H23 trailer

    I finally rebuilt my entire trailer brake system so was able to haul the boat myself this year, did not need yard guys with tractor. I had also reinstalled the V chocks that support the bow where the winch strap attaches to the u bolt, and managed to winch it up to the chocks for the first time...
  4. isaksp00

    Best ways to secure Hunter 23 to trailer

    I have never had to tow my H23 on the road, as it has only gone across the street between the storage yard and launch ramp at the lake, towed slowly by the yard's tractors. I need to get it to another yard for some hull repair, so I am refurbishing the entire brake system and getting it legal. I...
  5. isaksp00

    Advice needed on replacing section of rub rail on H23

    Stern dock line broke and boat rubbed against floating dock finger, causing abrasions and a shallow gouge in hull. A section about 5 feet long on the rub rail also broke, shattering the white plastic piece into which the black rubber rub strip is inserted. It broke into about 4 or 5 pieces and...
  6. isaksp00

    Charters in the Charlotte Harbor area, eg Punta Gorda

    I have looked at a number of threads about sailing in this area, and it seems good. I see that Seadaddler lives there. My wife decided to buy a place in N Fort Myers, about halfway between Punta Gorda and Fort Myers/Cape Coral, right off Rte 41. I have looked at two places near there that...
  7. isaksp00

    Single-handed pinning/unpinning of H23 mast base

    I pulled my H23 out of the lake a few days ago, and while I was able to lower and stow the mast alone, it is not easy. Lowering it is no longer such a big deal, as I fashioned wood supports to attach a sort of baby stay bridle to help support the mast sideways while being lowered. The tougher...
  8. isaksp00

    Starboard, Trex, etc. as spacer for boarding platform arms

    I need to install a new boarding platform with ladder, to my H23. Because of the reverse transom, the original ladder was installed with wood block spacers behind the top arm mounts, so the platform would not tilt up so much at the rear. These are wood blocks about 1.75 by 1.75 by 3.5 inches...
  9. isaksp00

    Anyone know of a swim platform/ladder made of 316 stainless?

    A few days ago a neighboring 24 ft pontoon swung into our stern in the slip and bent the swim platform support legs/rails. This one has a ladder that folds over. The teak platform slats have some cracks, probably easier to buy new one. The sternmost slat cracked off, see photo. This is for a 23...
  10. isaksp00

    Recent(ish) experience with any Tampa Bay area charterers?

    Thinking of doing a several day bareboat charter near Tampa or St Petersburg while visiting friends in St Pete. I did one in about 1993 with Moorings but they left that market. I see a few in the St Pete area. Does anyone have any recent experience with any of these - condition of boats, etc.?
  11. isaksp00

    H23 chain plate bulkhead replacement - material?

    I just saw yesterday that my stbd chain plate bulkhead failed (again). The first time, the plywood had rotted out; the chain plate and cover had never been sealed properly and water intrusion killed the wood. I had to repair it on the water, by using the main halyard to serve as the stbd stay...
  12. isaksp00

    How to deal with mainsheet and Bimini on H23

    I just installed the Bimini that came with our boat for the first time. When opened the front edge extends over the cabin, roughly a foot past (further forward than) the mainsheet traveler. Since the padeye on the boom that the sheet attaches to is directly above the traveler, the front bow of...
  13. isaksp00

    Halyard hitch vs eye splice in jib halyard (braided line)?

    OK, I need to shorten the "fat" part of my jib halyard where the eye splice is inside the outer jacket. The supplier sent it with an eye that is about 1 in long, plus the tail goes about another 3 in, maybe 3.5, inside the outer jacket. The H23 has a rather narrow metal fitting that supports...
  14. isaksp00

    Anyone tried RustOleum appliance epoxy spray on rudder?

    I doubt it is true epoxy as it is one part, and it states it adheres to metal, but I am trying it this year. Got it at a big box - not marine graded, obviously. Epoxied some dings on the rudder blade with West System and the white structural filler powder, washed with soapy water, then sanded...
  15. isaksp00

    Material for spacers inside H23 rudder head?

    The large plastic "washers" that act as spacers between the rudder and the aluminum rudder head are pretty well disintegrated on my boat. What experience does anyone have with a good source of material to fashion replacements? I don't see any sort of replacement parts in this site's store.
  16. isaksp00

    Where to mount stereo and speakers on H23

    I got a good deal on a Polyplanar unit that has a base and separate control panel/pad. I also bought a pair of round 3-way speakers and have built wood boxes for them, each about 5.5 in square and about 2 inches deep. I am thinking of mounting the speakers/boxes on the wood bulkheads on...
  17. isaksp00

    Holding T ball fittings in place

    Due to needing a new upper shroud my mast is still down, so I can think about better ways to ensure the T ball fittings don't twist out of the slots. I am thinking of putting a 3 + inch, 1/4 diam nylon bolt/nut through the mast above the fittings after insertion. Maybe stainless bolts. Either...
  18. isaksp00

    Shortening one rudder pintle on H23

    The pintles on my H23 are the exact same length, so installing the rudder means you have to line up the gudgeons on the rudder bracket at exactly the same moment and then push the rudder down. Given it floats, that can be tricky. Other boats I have seen have one pintle slightly shorter so you...
  19. isaksp00

    Anyone used a bosun's chair on an H23?

    Wondering how stable it would be at the dock. I could not find my masthead wind vane, and reluctantly stepped the mast and launched. Wouldn't you know I found it yesterday. Not worth the work to lower the mast, and there are no cranes on our lake. I am thinking if I can borrow a chair...
  20. isaksp00

    H23 Bow eye backing and structure?

    I have some fiberglass cracking around the bow eye (U bolt), and the holes have always been a bit large. I took the eye out this season to fix, figuring I'd squeeze West epoxy thickened with structural filler into the holes then redrill. In cleaning them out (from the outside) with a small...