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    Dripless shaft seal

    Had A PSS since 2006. Just replaced the bellow this year (2020) which still look and feels good. Not a drop of water for all these years. Can't use the LasDrop Gen II because it requires more space between the stern tube and the transmission. They works on the same principle.
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    Cleaning bird contributions off of canvas (warning: content may not be suitable for all audiences)

    I have a 1/4 inch line with cable tie every 6 inches. At the dock I pull it up with a halyard. Took 2 minutes. No bird like to be around a long line full of cable ties.
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    Cleaning bird contributions off of canvas (warning: content may not be suitable for all audiences)

    I cable tied them on to the spreaders and the top of mast. Doesn't seems to affect much airflow. In the winter, cable tie them on the rails.
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    Cleaning bird contributions off of canvas (warning: content may not be suitable for all audiences)

    You can get these at Amazon. Not a drop since installed.
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    Would You Use Biodiesel if Available

    Regular diesel isn't going to break the bank these days. I use $20 a YEAR as I sail most of the time. How much can I save?
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    Shaft replacement O'Day 28

    You dig a hole under the rudder. If the ground is paved, move the boat.
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    winterize water system

    After running compress air (I use a good tire pump) for over an hour first. She still has tiny residue of water in the lowest part of any loop. That's where RV antifreeze comes in for me. One jug will do my whole boat. Use the compress air to push anti-freeze thru and collect them at the...
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    Climbing your mast alone

    These are just examples. You can go to your local outdoor store and ask the people to help you select. I went to MEC (Mountain Equipment Coop). These comes in left and right hand.
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    Climbing your mast alone

    I have done exactly the same setup but with a dedicated climbing rope designed for Petzel Ascender. All bought from Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC). A separate rope with Belay Device as safety. Nobody on deck to yell at or make mistake of. A few people borrowed my setup. It took 15 minutes to...
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    Big bird strikes again. Windvane

    Mount a few stainless steel "antenna" up there. Make it difficult, if not possible, to land. That's what they do on tall buildings.
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    Teak and holly finishing,and%20character%20of%20the%20wood.
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    Toe rail removal

    Butyl is a better sealant for toe rail. Never harden. 35 years on my boat. Never leak. Ask Mainsail. He has the best stuff.
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    Non-Clorox Water Tank Commissioning Alternatives?

    Walmart has plenty of house hold bleach Clorox on the shelf.
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    Best product to clean Vinyl Bumpers

    I wrap toilet paper on the fenders and keep it moist with trisodium phosphate (TSP). You got to let it soak over night, scrub it off with stainless steel pots-and-pan scrub bud and you'll get it looking brand new. Never Acetone. It melts the top layer.
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    Who do you go to for sewing supplies They are in Barrie, Ontario. Great service, lots of selection. Price is more reasonable as they not limited to marine fabrics.
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    Corona Virus: A Time to Reflect - Worst Vehicle You’ve Ever Owned

    (1) 1975 Dodge Dart, 225 slant six. Bought brand new. Great car, no problem at all as Chrysler was building good cars at the time. But right after warranty, it won't stop. I.E. run on after shut off. People look at me funny at parking lots. Tried everything, just can't fix it. Live with it for...
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    Compass location

    Got a compass on the Binnacle just to comply with the law. 100% of the time use GPS. It's so cheap nowadays I got 3 on board. Two of them AA battery operated. Unless US turn off the GPS, I think I will be fine. If they do, I just have to remember the sun rise in the East to get home.
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    Replacing sanitary hose with rigid PVC pipe US$4.98 for 10 feet.
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    Replacing sanitary hose with rigid PVC pipe

    Yes, Black ABS is better but must use flexible hose as coupling. See attached. Had them for 12 years now. No smell.
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    1994 M26S Trailer Questions

    I had the same problem. Get yourself a Coleman battery power air pump for mattress, open the sea water valve and blow the water out of the ballast tank. Takes about 15 minutes. You will see the boat ride much higher. After loading onto the trailer, do the famous MacGregor bump; Move the car and...