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  1. jpallen01

    Shopping for boats and could use some advice.

    While I'm sure you can find a great trailer sailor in the 25 ft range, I would think the Santana is not one. I own one and we have 4 in our club. With the fixed keel your trailer will need to be setup just right and you will need a deep ramp to launch it from the trailer. Additionally there...
  2. jpallen01

    Lowering an Oday 240 Mast

    Loosen the shrouds on each side. Pull the front pin on the mast. Pop the fuller/forestay. Slowly lower the mast aft using the jib halyard attached to somewhere on the bow (put a block where the forestay was attached). Lower it slowly. Don't lower it all the wa to the deck while the aft pin is...
  3. jpallen01

    Oday 240 Head

    I had a 240 and you could order with a portable toilet or the plumbed in head. Mine had the portable toilet. You'll need a fresh water tank and a black water tank. There is also a need to vent thee pipe I believe. You might want to check with DR Marine for parts...
  4. jpallen01

    Keel Bottom Paint Prep

    well done!
  5. jpallen01

    Keel Bottom Paint Prep

    Thank you all for your suggestions and sharing. I recall the last boat I did this for and made sure I did it right so I wouldn't have to do it again. I guess at the time I didn't think I'd have a different boat that I would have to do it for! My arms are like jelly. Good advice from all. Thank you.
  6. jpallen01

    Keel Bottom Paint Prep

    Hi - I've attached a picture of the keel of a boat I'm restoring. It's a 1977 Santana 525. The keel is lead wrapped with fiberglass. As you can see from the picture the gelcoat is worn completely off in some places. My question is what is the best way to make this right? I'm thinking a fairing...
  7. jpallen01

    phrf ratings

    US Sailing PHRF Baseline Ratings Check out this link to baseline ratings for most production boats. This resource is helpful to get you close to your rating but you need to go to your local PHRF...
  8. jpallen01

    Spreader Angle and sail trim

    I spoke with Dwyer who made my mast and they are able to make a new bracket at the exact angle I need for it to be adjusted to put the spreader tips directly over the chain plates so this should help. I thank everyone for their comments and assistance. I just now need to figure out exactly hoe...
  9. jpallen01

    Spreader Angle and sail trim

    Hi Rich, The chain plates are about 12 inches from the rail. And even with each other (good story Barnacle Bill). I have 2 other boats like mine at my club as a reference both with the stock Kenyon masts and spreaders. I have identified my mast as a Dwyer. Changing the angle doesn't look...
  10. jpallen01

    Spreader Angle and sail trim

    I like that ideas first I'm going to contact rigrite and see if they have hardware that will work without bending. Thinking if cutting the inboard ends to the correct angle but it couldn't be that easy. Right?
  11. jpallen01

    Spreader Angle and sail trim

    Thanks for the response. I'd say my bottom and keel are in extremely good shape for a club racer, smooth and clean. I'm thinking because my spreaders are more forward than my competition I'm unable to sheet in the genoa as much as they can without pinching the sail up against the spreader tip. I...
  12. jpallen01

    Spreader Angle and sail trim

    Both my mast and the stock mast have non tapered cross sections. Same diameter from top to bottom. I'm talking about the spreader angle fore and aft.
  13. jpallen01

    Spreader Angle and sail trim

    I am in my second season with my 1979 Santana 525. Pretty much a racing boat. 25' and 2400 lb keelboat. We now have 3 at our club. I've noticed some differences in my pointing ability vs the others. I finally figured out my mast is different. They are running with the original mast, a Kenyon...
  14. jpallen01

    Jib Weight and Performance

    Thanks to everyone that responded. I do subscribe to the speed first point 2nd philosophy. Most importantly I need to work on my driving skills and eliminating mistakes on the race course. I'll be installing a windward sheeting harken traveler that will allow us to more easily adjust the angle...
  15. jpallen01

    Jib Size and Pointing Ability

    And the genoas are of similar materials and construction. I have a North 3DL 580 Composite Genoa and his is of similar construction and material from a different sail maker.
  16. jpallen01

    Jib Size and Pointing Ability

    I sail a Santana 525, with a 155% Genoa. I sail against another 525 with a 145% Genoa. We have very similar boat prep (bottom paint, rig tension, etc). Not a big difference in genoa size but we've noticed that he points much better than I do upwind. To achieve the same sail angle I would be...
  17. jpallen01

    outboard engine problems

    I just sold my Oday 240 this spring. I had an extra long shaft (25") Evinrude 9.9HP Yachtwin outboard. It worked very well for this boat. However, I would still get the outboard coming out of the water in rough seas on occasion. I sailed on a river so rough seas for me was power boat wake...
  18. jpallen01

    240 Trailer?

    Hi Mitch - Or you could by my Oday 240 with the custom made trailer that is 2 1/2 years old. I went through this very same issue when I made the mistake of buying my Oday 240 without a trailer. I had it in the water in May and searched all summer for a trailer with no luck. They are like gold...
  19. jpallen01

    Fitting a track for the spinnaker pole ring.

    I agree with Roger. I did this upgrade on my boat this year and drill and tap worked well. Just make sure you center punch with an awl an indentation in the mast so your drill bit doesn't walk on you. That was the hardest part in my upgrade.
  20. jpallen01

    It is up to a jury now

    This is a very sad and tragic story. I'm sure the Jury will see take all the facts and come to a just conclusion. From what I've read I can't imagine a guilty verdict. It does make you think twice about drinking and sailing and the risks that are involved. Perhaps the beverages are better served...