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  1. Tally Ho

    Impeller Puller

    Just a word of caution when trying to get the old, stuck impeller out... the pump housing metal is very soft, so don’t pry on the edge of pump body with a tool. Especially on the edge where the cover seals or the impeller rides. I had a very stuck impeller on a previous boat (Yanmar...
  2. Tally Ho

    Winterizing my 373 Yanmar 3JH4E.

    I would run the pink stuff through the HX as you have done in the past. Greg
  3. Tally Ho

    Arched helm seat

    Mine works the same...when heeled over, I shift a little to the left or right on the helmsman seat to get leveled out. Greg
  4. Tally Ho

    "Stuffing Box"?

    You can do it yourself if you don’t mind a little work. I replaced my prop shaft, replaced the stuffing box hose (my box was bronze so kept it - but repacked it). if I was to do it over now, I may go with a Volvo dripless...way more simple (and cheaper) than the PSS type system. But, I would...
  5. Tally Ho

    Which boat? Based Only On Specs.

    Well, if this is purely an academic exercise, I would go with the 35-footer... I sail a 32-footer now, which is close to the specs above...and I am about ready to move up. I would go to a 37-40 footer, but that is not an option. Greg
  6. Tally Ho

    Winterizing the C310 engine?

    And when he motors to the well to get lifted out by the travel lift. and if I need to, I hit the pumpout dock too the morning of haulout. At least that is how I do it. Greg
  7. Tally Ho

    Anti Seize

    I have a big jar of Lanocote, and a small dried-up syringe of Tef Gel....guess which one gets used? Greg
  8. Tally Ho

    Charging system question

    My fridge runs on DC all the time, as well as lights, stereo, etc. The fridge is always on. I have a switch on the AC panel for the battery charger, but it is (almost) always on. Might turn off the power if I am running an extension cord to the AC side to run lights when on the hard, etc...
  9. Tally Ho

    Anti Seize

    I have used Tef-Gel and Lanocote. here is a write-up from PS: Greg
  10. Tally Ho

    Shaft replacement O'Day 28

    I saw some guys at my marina drop the rudder while in the TravelLift. You need to be ready to get things done quick. But they did it over a weekend. Greg
  11. Tally Ho

    irwin 43

    I really need to look at the dates of these posts before replying... :banghead: Greg
  12. Tally Ho

    irwin 43

    Well, If your information is right (they built 3 of these),:the odds aren’t good that anyone has experience with the design :poop: Sorry, Greg
  13. Tally Ho

    Pulls to port under power

    Do you mean in forwards or reverse? I think of prop walk primarily in slow speed (backing out of my slip). In forward, motoring hard, my boat will “Crazy Ivan” hard if I let go of the wheel. I guess I never thought about if it turns to STB or to Port...but she turns sharply. So which...
  14. Tally Ho

    Shaft replacement O'Day 28

    I have an O’Day 322, and when I replaced my shaft, I removed the cutlass bearing and stuffing box to gain a little horizontal wiggle room in my shaft. I took the paint off my rudder getting the old shaft out, and getting the new one in, but I did not have to drop the rudder. If you cut the...
  15. Tally Ho

    Your 2 cents on main sail furlers

    I am still pretty “young”...not quite 60... on my O’Day 322 with a traditional main, I use the following: 1) main halyard run back to the cockpit 2) a Milwaukee 28v right angle drill with a “ wincher” bit attachment 3) a Tides Marine Strong track 4) a Mack Sails Mack Pack with lazy-jacks this...
  16. Tally Ho

    O’Day. 40- reefing setup?

    Not always... my O’Day 322 has a line that runs through the boom to the rear shuttle block. Greg
  17. Tally Ho

    Winter Cover for mast up boats?

    In Chicago a bit snowy here... this cover has worked well for about 5 years so far... I got this one from “The Canvas Store”. Greg
  18. Tally Ho

    322, my winter project

    My fuel cut-off is mounted on the engine control panel. Pretty convenient to kill the engine, the turn the key off to silence the buzzer. Greg
  19. Tally Ho

    New Download - Oday 322 Owners Manual

    Hello everyone. I scanned a copy of my O'Day 322 owners manual and had Phil post it to the ODay 322 downloads section. I redacted the original owner info (name and home address) by sticking a photo of my boat's...
  20. Tally Ho

    O'Day 322 Wing Keel width

    Glad you got her home! I had no idea the keel was 4 feet wide...I will ave to look at mine when I haul out for the winter. I hope you really like your 322.