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    Specifications help
  2. timebandit

    Specifications help Some spirited conversion on your problem :p maybe
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    Thistle Dew is in the water!

    Beware of the prop eating the rudder.:yikes:
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    Metal Blue Water gas can; no air vent

    Some thing is very wrong with your cap. It should vent in or you will run out of fuel. Get a new cap.:banghead:
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    MacGregor 22 pop top.

    Of course if you rig a small line to keep the top from bouncing up the braces will not release.
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    Mac26 D: can I braise Aluminum in making slug gate like in mods on Purple Sage?

    My gate is always open but under the boom so the sail cannot fall free with the boom in place.
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    Mac26 D: can I braise Aluminum in making slug gate like in mods on Purple Sage?

    I just closed up the slot with a 2 pound hammer and a 2X4 and then opened another on below the boom. Once bent on I never take main off just flake it and cover it until I am ready to trailer home.
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    Mast/boom paint.

    I just used Rustoleum oil based paint with a banana roller. No primer just scuffed it with a green 2 inch pad and an air grinder and two coats. Did it about 10 years ago and still holding up fine. Allow about two weeks to dry.
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    You can most likely stop the up and down with the tilt of the motor.
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    The easiest prop protector I have read about is simple. A plastic cutting board mounted to the cavitation plate on the motor and cut to shape to prevent the rudder eating prop from doing it's dastardly deed.:cool:
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    Rebedding rear strapeyes and winches.

    A shoe box lid cut to go around the winch is the best advice I have seen to keep small parts from going overboard, but still be careful.
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    Good idea to drill holes in the bottom of my boat?

    I'm thinking that the reason it does not drain into the bilge is so that if something bad happens in the head it wont drain into the bilge.
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    Gooseneck Mac 25 question

    Lake Paris, Riverside, California on a day the temperature was over a hundred an not a breeze.
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    End of season prep

    This takes the chill off and will warm the cabin if you close the hatches.
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    Mast Raising System with a Roller Furler

    I use the bow eye:biggrin:
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    Gooseneck Mac 25 question

    The problem with mid boom sheeting on my M25 is that it is always in the way. I don't know about the V25 but on the M25 the pop top opens to the rear and if you put the traveler across the companionway it keeps you from jibing on a run with the top up because the sheet tackle is against the...
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    Slipping halyard

    I just use a simple tail on a cleat for the rest of the halyard.
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    Gooseneck Mac 25 question

    The thumb screw screws into the sail slot and keeps the boom from rotating.