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  1. h2o_snow

    Degree of heel H26

    Great video - was thinking "whats that float doing up there?" Mountain gusts have certainly put our rail in the water upwind, however the H260 rounds up much past that. We typically reef if heeling much over 10 degrees - tiller pressure lets you know - don't know what its like with a wheel...
  2. h2o_snow

    Finding my way around my Hunter 260 (question #1: bilge water)

    An aside, but you might consider adding a 8" port to the top of the water tank while you are cleaning up the mold. I did this year and found a surprise. The outlet is above the bottom of the opaque tank so there is always water in there. After 17 years, our 2002 H260 had enough mold in it...
  3. h2o_snow

    Standing Rigging Specs

    Joe, Thanks for the recommend - just ordered.
  4. h2o_snow

    A Swarm of Sailboats

    I'm reading the responses in two different ways. a) Sailing: I sail the H260 solo, with Mrs. Snow, a friend (or two) or occasionally a larger crew. Prefer sailing with my sweetie or solo: its easier to just go and "do it". b) Cruising: either solo or with other boats. Generally like to...
  5. h2o_snow

    Asymmetric sheet size?

    Nice - really like the flathead main. Who built your sail? Did you measure? Re: hardware - turning blocks to winches or cams on the C25. Don't think they fly their asym above 10 knots.
  6. h2o_snow

    Hunter 260 "New" Deck Hardware Install

    Crazy Dave, So sounds like the thing to do is drill with a small diameter bit where I want to place hardware. If I hit metal - great! Drill with the appropriate diameter and tap. Is there a list of hardware (screws) used in historic tapped deck mounting? No metal - again have found 1 "+...
  7. h2o_snow

    Hunter 260 "New" Deck Hardware Install

    Kermit, Good to know. Its all subject to finding out what works. I repurposed the jib halyard and fished it through the appropriate spi slots in the mast. No issues cleating on the mast. Will need to experiment. Limiting foredeck time solo is always good too. I'm big and the boat...
  8. h2o_snow

    Hunter 260 "New" Deck Hardware Install

    So... been slowly modifying our tiller 260. Next step is installing the new (used) asym spi gear. Love kites but will rig a quick release on the tack to help the pucker in tight quarters/solo sailing. Need a bit of directionality please. #1. Know about the imbedded backing plates. Plan to...
  9. h2o_snow

    Asymmetric sheet size?

    After spending time on a friends Catalina 25 w/asym we decided on 1/4" de sheathed at the tack with a girth hitched bridle attached via sheet bends. Extremely light. I don't suggest playing with this w/o gloves but lack of weight/hardware works great in light air.
  10. h2o_snow

    Two simple H26 mods

    Interesting. Have you been happy using a genoa on the H26 fractional rig? Like Dewhunter have a light whisker pole and set the jib on the downwind. Hope to set up some new (used) spi gear this season - exciting will have a quick release on the tack as I often single hand.
  11. h2o_snow

    New Potential Owner - Aquarius 23

    Agree with all of the above. What is your use and expectation for the boat? When has it last seen the water? If its not up to speed mechanically (a pun - you'll have no speed) and/or you need trailer tires/ lighting you can SINK $3K additional in that rig before blinking. As a modified...
  12. h2o_snow

    Newbie Hunter 260 Headstay Foil Extrusion & Winterizing

    Bmorr, Yes, ordered a new extrusion and replaced it the spring of 2017. Think the cost was similar. Thanks! JT
  13. h2o_snow

    If you could homeport anywhere, where would you homeport?

    @jssailem well... yup. Don't want to hijack the thread, but we raced a S2 7.9 - Team Teewinot - I believe the first Idaho boat to compete. 14th place 2018. Home is Jackson Lake WY. Best said - be prepared for adventure. After a night...
  14. h2o_snow

    If you could homeport anywhere, where would you homeport?

    Agree with @LeslieTroyer & @Kings Gambit :dancing:. Gulf Islands heading north to the Haida Gwaii. Desolation Sound, Bute & Knight Inlets etc. More than enough exceptional cruising water to fill a lifetime. Had a taste heading north during the R2AK in June but .....we did not stop. Will be...
  15. h2o_snow

    Cold Snapped

    Winter is here although our precip. level is below average. The H260 is in covered storage but that took a while to get - just moved in. We usually keep it on the trailer after the dock dries and sail into Oct. - all the spaces were taken until some XMas snowbirds flew. Have more issues with...
  16. h2o_snow

    2018 Photo Contest Winners

    Whoopa! Thanks for the votes! Pic above was taken at Cane Creek via a friends drone on our first night out on Lake Powell this March. It was too cool/early for houseboats, jet skis & ski boats - once past Rainbow Arch maybe saw 4 other boats/day. Perfect for water ballast boats - the...
  17. h2o_snow

    Game on! 2018 Photo Contest

    Cane Creek, Lake Powell, AZ. March 2018.
  18. h2o_snow

    Game on! 2018 Photo Contest

    Seaforth Channel. R2AK. Sunset past Bella Bella (before we hit the log). S2 7.9
  19. h2o_snow

    Game on! 2018 Photo Contest

    Race To Alaska '18. Haida Gwaii BC. Day 7 ?