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  1. rardiH36

    Old binacle compass info

    Just happened to come across this thread. I have a 1980 Cherubini Hunter 36. Same YS steering system. Just a thought here. When you have the compass off, try to inspect the control head piece. Merriman / Yacht Specialties Pedestal Control Head. If yours is still original and made of...
  2. rardiH36

    Hunter 33C side deck rub rail

    Since you say that you are getting ready to repaint anyway, may I suggest a potentially time saving and ascetically acceptable (or even visually improving) alternative? That is: 1) The rubber strip is not original the Hunter teak strip from back in appx 1980 when the boat was manufactured. So...
  3. rardiH36

    81 Hunter 33 strut and shaft log hardware size

    Hello shelled: I have a 1980 Cherubini Hunter 36. Several years ago, I replaced my strut. We have a different boat, but considerations might be similar. Below is a link to a 2014 SBO thread with detailed step-by-step of my process (with pictures) which is contained in post #10. Unless...
  4. rardiH36

    V berth hatch on the cherubini hunter 36

    Hope the "out of the box" work-around is also a solution for your break. Overnight, I recalled the plumbing piece I used. A brass pipe threaded end plug. Probably 1 1/4". The brass piece you see in my photo is the square center that a crescent wrench would fit onto to tighten the plug. The...
  5. rardiH36

    V berth hatch on the cherubini hunter 36

    Hello again Alctel: Two pictures are attached. Maybe the your hinge is broken the same way? Firstly 12 years ago, I can't remember exactly the steps. But the following could be useful if you think your hatch might be repaired similarly: - Went to plumbing section of hardware store. Looked...
  6. rardiH36

    V berth hatch on the cherubini hunter 36

    Alctel: One of my forward hatch hinges was broken when I bought my boat in 2007. I was able to repair it with the hatch in place. Still doing fine after 12 years. Not possible for me to usefully describe what I did without also attaching a picture of the fix. I will be at my boat probably on...
  7. rardiH36

    Freshwater Anode Magnesium

    Just to clarify. Are you asking about the anode that actually mounts onto the engine? Or about the anode that mounts to the prop shaft? Firstly, a disclaimer. I am not an expert on this topic. If the engine does require a anode in lake water, it is probably a large diameter pencil zinc...
  8. rardiH36

    Question for rardiH36 regarding inside Jib tracks

    Alctel: I'm not checking the forum much these days. But did see your query of the other day. I'm doing fine. But wife's been ailing for the last year or so, and other than medical appointments, is house-bound. I don't feel right about disappearing for a good portion of the day. So...
  9. rardiH36

    3QM Engine Plate Location?

    Coleman: I had the same mystery after I bought my 1980 Cherubini Hunter 36 in 2007. My motor is 2QM20 which as yours also converted by Yanmar to anti-freeze cooling with the external Sen-Dure exchanger circuit. * Using a small mirror taped to a stick (how high tech!) so I could "see" into the...
  10. rardiH36

    1979 Hunter 33 Pedestal

    Lots of YouTube videos about fixing Edson pedestals which are OEM on lots of boats. You might want to post on "Ask All Sailors" for a larger pool of potential respondents.
  11. rardiH36

    1979 Hunter 33 Pedestal

    I've got a lot of DIY experience about the yacht specialties steering system. But first, please take a few pictures of yours. .. So I know that we were communicating about the same thing.
  12. rardiH36

    What is the fate of the Dollar sailboats?

    Putting aside all of the joking, I would do just as you're doing. As long as it floats, and you and family get fun out of it in its current condition, don't put another dime into the beauty. Other than maintaining the outboard. BUT only sail it on very low wind days. Stay really close to...
  13. rardiH36

    Little/No Wind Home Port -- Staying Enthused?

    Wonderful picture. Taken from your drone? Like the red sails!
  14. rardiH36

    What's missing on this traveler?

    If you take a gander at the traveler in the attached picture. Looks like yours is by the same manufacturer, different model. But should give you and idea of your "missing" elements. Referring back to your pictures: - Hard to tell from the resolution, but it looks to me that on the right and...
  15. rardiH36

    Little/No Wind Home Port -- Staying Enthused?

    Yes, I do understand. Sailing (and owning the contraption in which to do it with) has other attractions besides the adrenaline rush of virtually fearing for one's safety while under sail during small craft advisory conditions. I also benefit from it doing double duty as a floating mini condo...
  16. rardiH36

    Little/No Wind Home Port -- Staying Enthused?

    Yesterday afternoon, the NWS advertised 15 knot winds in San Francisco's Central Bay. I went out. Was a botched forecast (as it frequently is). Instead, virtually hardly a puff. Drifted backwards considering the current. BORED TOTALLY! Got me to wondering. For those of you who's home...
  17. rardiH36

    Florida boat owners. Any experience with Mack Sail?

    I ordered a new head sail from Mack back in 2015. Despite being 2700 miles away on the opposite coast. They were very good on the phone assisting me doing my measurements. And giving recommendations for a sail that would meet the demands of high wind central San Francisco Bay. Also to...
  18. rardiH36

    Barber Hauler

    I also have experimented with the barber-hauler thing. And at one point even rigged up a means to get it done without a lot of bother. But after numerous outings, I abandoned the concept. Reasons were several: 1) I sail solo. Or if with other people, usually not adept enough to understand...
  19. rardiH36

    Gunwale Drain

    It's a little bit of a problem on my Cherubini Hunter 36. But not so much that it's any bother. One item that I have noticed through the years is that the hose connecting the drain and the thru-hull readily collects debris. Periodically, certainly when I notice it's draining slowly, I put the...
  20. rardiH36

    Rigging Inspection

    Also, irrespective of inspection, most recommend the standing rigging should be replaced at intervals simply as a function of advancing age. Not all potential failures can be seen. At 10 years of reasonably hard duty on San Francisco Bay, my rig is now overdue. My personal experience: Five...