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  1. FourPoints

    Bought a new boat...

    I bought a beautiful and mostly well upgraded / maintained Frers 33 this year. One thing that was never done was an LED conversion. Years back when I bought my previous boat the best LED bulbs for the cabin were the SCAD Sensibulbs swapped into the ABI housings, and the best NAV light...
  2. FourPoints

    Weld Mount Studs - Adhesive Failure - PSA

    A few years ago when I added a new fuel tank on my boat ( I took Maine Sail's suggestion and used Weld Mount epoxy bonded studs to bolt the tank to the hull. The tank holds 9 gallons, so fully loaded the static weight of the tank+fuel...
  3. FourPoints

    Worth Investigating?

    Just found out that this boat may be available for a song, or less. I know NOTHING about it aside from what I can see from the balcony at my office. Owner stopped paying the bills, building maintenance guy asked me if I was interested in it since he knows I'm a sailor... haven't even walked down...
  4. FourPoints

    Dead Solenoid?

    went down to the boat a few days ago for the first time in just shy of 2 week2 (too much time racing on OPB, not enough time cruising on mine!), found my batteries were at 0.2v... I had left nothing on, and I have a small solar panel which usually does a good job keeping everything topped off...
  5. FourPoints

    massive corrosion problem

    Friends boat got short hauled today to inspect the sail drive and change a few seals that were due for replacement. It had been noticed a few weeks ago that there appeared to be a few drops of oil floating to the surface now and then... the pictures tell the story, sail drive is destroyed...
  6. FourPoints

    Sweet VHF deal

    (Sorry Phil! Too good to not spread the word) Defender has a really sweet deal on B&G V50 Fixed Mount VHF & H50 Wireless VHF Handset Bundle with AIS for only $299 (Reg. Price: $509.98), as of posting this only 35 left before the deal runs out.
  7. FourPoints

    Proper Sealant?

    Ok, this isn't sailing related but I figure there is no better crowd to ask then this one... The convertible top on my little BMW roadster is leaking very slightly from the very bottom where the top is attached to the car (below the body panel) in the well where it folds down into. The dealer...
  8. FourPoints

    Pushpit hollow bolt

    During a MOB drill last summer someone managed to overstress the hollow bolt that attaches one piece of my pushpit to deck, the part where my stern light power wires run through, and it snapped in half. 1990 Hunter 27 Does anyone know where I can get another one?
  9. FourPoints

    PSA: Check your Fire Extinguishers

    PSA: Everyone remember to check your fire extinguishers this year, several million Kidde units were recently recalled, many of them Marine units, and remember it is a good idea to inspect yours annually regardless of the recall.
  10. FourPoints

    Jabsco Straight discharge?

    went cheap this spring and went with a twist and lock compact instead of the PHC, mostly on the basis that I hope to be on the market for a larger boat in the next 2-3 years. I had trouble getting the discharge hose fitting on the head. It went, but not without some significant muscle...
  11. FourPoints

    Plastic Portlight

    I have a plastic portlight on the starboard side of the hull in the aft berth. This was scuffed so badly when I bought the boat you could only see light and shadows through it. Last year I figured it couldn't get any worse, so I lightly hit it with the buffer when polishing with Finesse-IT...
  12. FourPoints

    New Stern Handles

    At the Defender spring sale last month I picked up a couple new stainless handles for the stern to make getting up the swim ladder a little easier, cost me $15 for the set. :dance: They do look slightly oddly angled in the picture, but it's mostly just the camera angle and the...
  13. FourPoints

    Equalization, is this the solution?

    I charge my batteries almost exclusively off Solar through a Genasun GV-4 controller, the only other charge source being the 7A (max) charger on the outboard, which is normally putting out closer to 5A at normal operating RPMs. The GV-4 does not have a equalize function, and the dumb regulator...
  14. FourPoints

    Photo Credit

    Note the credit on the photo at the top of the page in this issue of Seaworthy... :clap:
  15. FourPoints

    StarCraft Skylark Rebuild

    Last summer I rebuilt my old 14' StarCraft Skylark, I just now got around to posting the write-up... Full details are here but here are a couple pics to get your interest...
  16. FourPoints

    New Head

    Finished the conversion from the old Porta-Potty to a real head over the weekend, decided to save $ and went with the Jabsco Twist and Lock instead of the Raritan PHC, even though I know it will likely last longer / less maintenance, but I don't live aboard, won't be using it that much, and I...
  17. FourPoints

    Marelon Seacock Rotation

    A number of years ago when buying my boat I had the yard install two Marelon seacocks and through hulls for head plumbing (intake and discharge) for me to replace the Porta-Potty that came with the boat, but didn't end up getting around to until now. Last weekend I finally got around to...
  18. FourPoints

    Water Recycling

    Doesn't say what kind of power requirements this needs to operate, but imagine if you could get a long hot shower out of that 5gal tank!
  19. FourPoints

    DSC Safety Call - Appropriate to use?

    I just got my new Icom M412 radio installed this weekend (purchased at the Annapolis boat show, great price from GPS store) and have the NMEA interfaces working with the GPS and everything tested with the Coast Guard test call (which reports back to the plotter quite nicely I might add), and...
  20. FourPoints

    Low Water (Batteries)

    Over the last 2 months I've been noticing my solar has been having trouble getting my two group 27 batteries wired in parallel (but with a switch to isolate them) back to float stage, and they have not been maintaining a charge quite as well. I assumed it was simply because I added the Auto...