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  1. Muttondressedaslamb

    Rust Never Sleeps.

    Back in 2019 I had extensive work done on my 2003 Catalina 310, including replacing the exhaust elbow, as the weld connecting the stainless steel cooling water pipe to the cast iron elbow had cracked. I had a new elbow/pipe assembly made up entirely of stainless steel. Now the weld at its...
  2. Muttondressedaslamb

    High Seas Home Depot

    While the manufacturers and sellers of products labeled as marine grade would love you to think that they are the only way to go, most of us, whether due to cost or convenience, have gone the "Home Depot" route, and bought lubricants, varnishes, fasteners, cleaners, as well as mechanical or...
  3. Muttondressedaslamb

    Big scare with new standing rigging

    When I hauled out my 2003 Catalina 310 in the fall of 2018, I decided to replace all the standing rigging, including the forestay. The next season, I noticed that I couldn't quite get all the slack out of the luff of the genoa. After hauling the boat in 2019, I decided to investigate. I...
  4. Muttondressedaslamb

    Is Marlow Hunter on Death Row?

    As I like to do every 2 or 3 years, my wife and I are attending the 2019 Annapolis sailboat show. Conspicuously absent are Hunter Sailboats. IMHO, having a boat show without the major players is like having motorcycle outlaw rally without Harley Davidson. Could this mean the end of the line...
  5. Muttondressedaslamb

    Alternatives To Mclube sailkote for sticky luff tape

    Just got my boat commissioned for the season. Having a bit of trouble threading the luff tape on my mainsail through the slot on my roller furling mast. There are not marine stores where I live that stock Mclube Sailkote. Any "Home Depot" recommendations that wont damage my sail fabric?
  6. Muttondressedaslamb

    Engine has more hot air than my ex-wife

    Yesterday, I took my 2003 Catalina 310 from the boatyard to my mooring at Staten Island's Great kills Harbor. Prior to launching, the boatyard changed the primary and secondary fuel filters and bled the engine. It ran fine for the two hour trip, but died just as soon as I picked up my mooring...
  7. Muttondressedaslamb

    All The King's Horses and all The King's Men, Couln't Put Edson Together Again

    Last fall I took my pedestal apart; Now that it's spring, just where do I start? The holes I can't see, and their threads I can't find, so how in the world do I get it aligned? All the King's horses and all the king's men, couldn't put Edson together again. These pictures illustrate my...
  8. Muttondressedaslamb

    Not my boat, but sure is my picture

    Just over 4 years ago, I got to go on a Tartan 41 sloop for the owner's last race. He was slowly dyeing of cancer and could no longer manage the vessel. What a privelidge to have shared that day with him. Here are a couple of shots
  9. Muttondressedaslamb

    Four Things Never To Trust

    Two weeks ago, I learned the hard way, how inaccurate the fuel gauges can be on most auxiliary sailboats. On my day off, I left Staten Island's Great Kills Harbor with 1/3 of a tank of diesel left, according to my fuel gauge, which should have meant anywhere from 5 to 8 gallons of fuel. As...
  10. Muttondressedaslamb

    Deep Keels Mean Deep Trouble

    Just posting this picture as a warning to those contemplating buying larger deep fin keel boats. The vessel pictured broke loose from its mooring after a storm and ran aground outside Staten Island's Great Kills Harbor. The keel snapped off after the tow boat attempted to move it. The bottom...
  11. Muttondressedaslamb

    Would this start a small diesel in an emergency

    Last fall, I bought a 2003 Catalina 310 with a three cylinder Universal diesel. At the moment I am having a wiring problem and am awaiting professional help. A farmer I know from Ohio who has a kubota Tractor with that same engine claims that connecting the positive clamp from a booster pack...
  12. Muttondressedaslamb

    Just bought Catalina 310; worried about welded spreader base

    After 45 years of sailing, I finally broke down, at my wife's insistence and bought a real cruising boat; a 2003 Catalina 310 with in mast furling in excellent condition. One difference I noticed between our boat and an otherwise identical 310 with conventional main is that the spreader bases...
  13. Muttondressedaslamb

    yanmar stinks

    I have a 1987 vintage Pearson 27 which was repowered in 2000 with a Yanmar 2gm20f. While motoring into the harbor after a day of sailing, I noticed a strong "electrical" smell emanating from the cabin. It did not smell like diesel or engine exhaust. With the engine still running, I looked...
  14. Muttondressedaslamb

    Considering "Butt ugly" S2 9.2C

    At the present time, I am looking for a retirement boat to replace my Pearson 27. Big enough to cruise for a couple of weeks with my wife, but small enough to take out myself for an afternoon sail. Saw a picture of an S2 9.2C for sale in Huntington. One of the ugliest sailboats I have seen...
  15. Muttondressedaslamb

    Did I "steer clear" of a great opportunity?

    At the present time, I am looking to replacement my beaten up Pearson with something newer and shinier; big enough to go away with my wife for a week, and small enough to take out myself for an afternoon sail. At my marina, there was a 2003 Catalina 28MK2 which was restored extensively after...