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    Why don't more boaters use polypropylene or polyester dinghy painters?

    Jost Van Dyke, Foxy's dinghy dock, Old Years Night (Dec 31st), you will often need 30-40' of painter line to reach the dinghy dock to tie up, and you're climbing over sometimes 6-8 dinghy's deep to reach the dock!
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    Bought a new boat...

    I'm familiar with them, I've already swapped the Anchor light with one of their bulbs, they are the only one that made a compatible LED for the Series 19 that is installed and it wasn't practical to change the housing since almost no other anchor light fits with all the instruments and gear...
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    Bought a new boat...

    I bought a beautiful and mostly well upgraded / maintained Frers 33 this year. One thing that was never done was an LED conversion. Years back when I bought my previous boat the best LED bulbs for the cabin were the SCAD Sensibulbs swapped into the ABI housings, and the best NAV light...
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    Does anybody know the hard over time for a catalina 30

    IIRC you are supposed to time is based upon a certain rate of turn, aka making a 90 or 180 deg turn in a certain number of seconds... read the manual, it should explain in more detail
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    Why anemometers

    If you teach her to sail off the Jib tell tales, and you trim the jib correctly for her, she won't ever have to look at the Windex OR the instruments ;-)
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    Hunter 27 sail stop/ gate

    For whatever it helps, I'll try to snap a photo of mine tonight, yell at me tomorrow if I forget to post it.
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    Weld Mount Studs - Adhesive Failure - PSA

    A few years ago when I added a new fuel tank on my boat ( I took Maine Sail's suggestion and used Weld Mount epoxy bonded studs to bolt the tank to the hull. The tank holds 9 gallons, so fully loaded the static weight of the tank+fuel...
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    Good boat shoes for the "elderly"

    I've had a couple pairs of these that I've enjoyed having, always had really good grip until I did a chemical soak on the first pair to try and remove a very pungent odor they eventually developed. Tossed them in the trash and bought...
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    Worth Investigating?

    the original is how it appears on the hull itself. Note the word "Hubbell" on the shore power connector. Either way, I cannot seem to figure out who made this boat, it doesn't appear to be a conforming HIN...
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    Worth Investigating?

    went down over lunch and grabbed a picture of the hull number. Its a little confusing as all but the first 2 letters appear to be reversed? Looks like it might be a C&C, and she's much bigger than I thought...
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    Using special charcters in your post

    Probably, but hard to tell, never get to see them getting off the school bus to see if it's the long or short one! :D
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    Worth Investigating?

    Just found out that this boat may be available for a song, or less. I know NOTHING about it aside from what I can see from the balcony at my office. Owner stopped paying the bills, building maintenance guy asked me if I was interested in it since he knows I'm a sailor... haven't even walked down...
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    Heavy Weather

    One thing I haven't seen listed here is the effect of temperature and humidity (and atmospheric pressure as well). This affects both the amount of force the wind imparts on the sails as well as your ability to remain comfortable onboard (i.e. do you have the gear / clothing to maintain your body...
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    Dead Solenoid?

    Precision modulation via blunt steel impact seems to have (temporarily at least) solved the problem. I pulled the solenoid and confirmed zero ohms of resistance between the always hot battery cable post and the case where it bolts to the engine block (and tested both directions to verify it...
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    Dead Solenoid?

    didn't end up making it down to the marina last night as I stayed for dinner and left the club at 10pm (I get a slip at the yacht club next year:dance:) but I will attempt to modulate the contacts into proper position through the use of carefully applied shock forces with a precision metal tool...
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    Dead Solenoid?

    thanks, I can only think of humidity being a cause. I added a new blue sea systems engine cover this year to protect the paint on the "new" engine cover so the paint and decals don't fade and look so bad as the old one, so maybe that's trapping more humidity / moisture?
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    Dead Solenoid?

    that is precicely what I was testing, the big + battery cable connection point on the solenoid and the big - battery cable connection point on the engine block, and they showed closed (zero resistance) circuit.
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    Dead Solenoid?

    Good suggestion, that little voice in my head told me there was potentially something I was missing and hadn't tested yet, this is it (and to re-supply the rum :doh:). I'll test it tonight after I get back from racing. Not that it makes any difference for the solenoid testing procedure, but...
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    Dead Solenoid?

    Yeah, I agree that part is the weirdest, but maybe it is stuck closed just enough to allow a trickle of current through? wouldn't take too much to be more than my panel outputs (1.2A at peak sun), and even a half amp/hr net drain would kill the batteries in a week and a half, probably faster...
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    Dead Solenoid?

    went down to the boat a few days ago for the first time in just shy of 2 week2 (too much time racing on OPB, not enough time cruising on mine!), found my batteries were at 0.2v... I had left nothing on, and I have a small solar panel which usually does a good job keeping everything topped off...