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  1. Doug J

    Hunter 26 mast raising gin pole storage ?

    James, Mine is stored on the starboard stanchions. The PO had it that way. It's been working out okay for me, so I have no plans to change it. It's easy to access and stow. Always on board when I need it. Which allowed on one occasion to motor under a bridge and step the mast on the other...
  2. Doug J

    H26 Outboard Motor Shaft, Long or Extra Long

    Well, I don't have any other to provide. But I think the pic's I already uploaded in this thread, show it pretty good. Here's a quote from my original post with dimensions. "The starboard side of the mount is extended out 4 inches. The aluminum tube is 2"x 3"x 8", 1/4" thick. An aluminum wedge...
  3. Doug J

    H26 Outboard Motor Shaft, Long or Extra Long

    Hi Dave! I'm here, just not been active lately. Haven't had my boat out since last September. Too much other stuff been going on.
  4. Doug J

    Recommendations Needed-Bow Roller Mods

    I've been using my roller mounted on center-line using a danforth anchor, which I store inside the anchor locker. The setup is not perfect, but seems to work okay. Sure is better than not having a roller at all. When retrieving the anchor I pull the rode and store in the locker as I go...
  5. Doug J

    Leak in 23.5 water ballast tank

    C'mon people! Key point - "Some have suggested that leaky ballast tank valve and drain plug (which I've since addressed) might have been the culprit." Gee, I think that was it! Five gallons over night does not seem unreasonable to me if the ballast valve and or the vent plug was leaking.
  6. Doug J

    Taking time offgb

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Dave
  7. Doug J

    H26 Outboard Motor Shaft, Long or Extra Long

    Oh, actually the ramp is not visible from the guest slip area.
  8. Doug J

    H26 Outboard Motor Shaft, Long or Extra Long

    Sorry Dave, I don't know what you mean.
  9. Doug J

    head door

    Just leave the door open if more room is needed while using the head.
  10. Doug J

    Leak in 23.5 water ballast tank

    It could be the factor! Also, make sure the vent plug is making a good seal and it's tight. Even gentle rocking in calm water at anchor could be enough to cause some seepage from the ballast tank if the seals are not good at the valve and vent hole. After my ballast tank is full, valve and...
  11. Doug J

    Leak in 23.5 water ballast tank

    I bet it's something like what Crazy Dave is pointing out. I bet there is no damage to the ballast tank.
  12. Doug J

    H26 Outboard Motor Shaft, Long or Extra Long

    Cabrillo Beach Launch Ramp I got a slip at Cabrillo Marina right next to the launch ramp.
  13. Doug J

    Leak in 23.5 water ballast tank

    So, what happened with the investigation of the port-a-potti hold down bracket screws?
  14. Doug J

    Leak in 23.5 water ballast tank

    You say the boat was a basket case when you got it. Are there any mods the PO did that involved screws, drilling, cutting, etc, anywhere near the ballast tank? If so, that would be suspect. Also, can you describe how you did your blue tinted water test? Are you sure it wasn't leaking from the...
  15. Doug J

    Pop Top Enclosure

    It sure looks like the legs are not seated down all the way. I don't have an enclosure, but I checked my H26 and there is a hole on top where the support would insert, and then the bottom part of the rod would be held vertical in an indentation, making the bent part lean aft. In your pic it...
  16. Doug J

    Hunter 23.5 cabin lights question

    Too bad you had so much trouble with yours. Sounds like you did everything possible to get them to work right. The only thing I can think of is perhaps you didn't install the correct festoons. Some look like they should fit, but are slightly too short. I used a digital caliper to measure the...
  17. Doug J

    Hunter 26 and CDI FF2 install

    My H26 has a stem ball fitting at the top. Is that what you have? Here's a link to a thread I started when I was replacing my double sheave box where the stem ball connects. There are some pics that may help clarify. BTW: mine has a large screw in the mast just above the stem ball, that keeps...
  18. Doug J

    Two issues re 2006 Hunter 25: electrical system and steering

    I noticed the same thing with my H26. My old Mercury 15 and new Tohatsu 9.9, both required the slight turn to port. If I want to power along in a straight line, I have to turn the motor slightly to port, so my rudder will not require compensation to go in straight line. I think you are right...
  19. Doug J

    Hunter 23.5 cabin lights question

    I wonder if you have the same lights I do. I couldn't figure out how to open them at first either. Counterclockwise = on
  20. Doug J

    First sail for my 170 awful weather helm!!! In 10 knots?!

    Just to let you know, Weather Helm refers to the tendency of a boat to turn into the wind, to head up. Sliding sideways due to the centerboard not being down is not weather helm.