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  1. Ed Schenck

    Leak from 3YM30 and other issues. :(

    After motoring to the pumpout and then under the crane I discovered a lot of fluid in the engine pan under my 3YM30. I cleaned it up then watched to see a slow drip form on the bottom of the pulley on the end of the crankshaft. Uh oh, a bad main seal I thought. But it doesn't look like oil...
  2. Ed Schenck

    H37C Air-Conditioning

    To answer a question about where to locate an A/C unit on the H37C here is what I did. Others can tack on with their installs. I don't think there was ever a factory install but someone may have other information. As seen in the pictures I installed mine as Paul suggests, in the quarterberth...
  3. Ed Schenck

    Need CDI Furler help.

    My friend's new to her boat has a CDI Furler which I believe is an FF3. But it does not exactly look like what I see in the current online FF3 manual. The internal halyard is wire with what appears to be a small and weak shackle. At least for a big heavy 150 on a Hunter 28.5. Then the front...
  4. Ed Schenck

    Best way to sand the sole.

    The one on the boat I mean. Have a bilge cover at home, sanded and varnished. But I started with my mouse sander and it left swirls which I then tried to sand out by hand. On the boat would a belt sander work? Or do I have to hand sand?
  5. Ed Schenck

    Planning new "plastic" cabin sole for H37C.

    I have pulled up part of the cabin sole, the rotten part in front of the stove and sink. There is a seam just at the front of the sink so I guess I could just piece in a section. But I am leaning more toward a complete replacement with PlasTeak(...
  6. Ed Schenck

    Winterizing, good or bad.

    Winterized yesterday for the 13th time in my 16th season. I missed three because the boat was south for two seasons and on the hard for one. There is actually some satisfaction, for me at least, knowing the boat AND I are getting a rest. And not a little financial savings compared to all year...
  7. Ed Schenck

    When does age become a decision variable?

    Seems to me that one's age eventually becomes a serious consideration when making boating decisions. Or should one sail on, undertake big boat projects, buy a new boat or maybe two old ones, not leave the big lake for a smaller one, and not go out the canal again where you have to dismast a 400...
  8. Ed Schenck

    H25 or C25?

    Time to admit my age and put the Highlander away. I would like to have a small cruiser in front of my small lake yacht club. Be nice to crash there after a wild night of dancing and drinking. At the marina are two fin keel boats with tillers, a C25 with outboard and an H25 with inboard...
  9. Ed Schenck

    Hole in keel bulb.

    These pictures are of a friend's bulb keel on his 28.5 Beneteau. The entire area appears to be fiberglas. It would seem to be a simple repair with the right combination of epoxy and filler. What do you think?
  10. Ed Schenck

    About that H37C bridgedeck traveler.

    Spring of 2013 I want my traveler to look like Blaise's, see pictures. Tell me once more how you were able to get the old traveler off of the bridgedeck and bolt on a new one. No, this is not about moving the traveler up top. :)
  11. Ed Schenck

    Battery acid on the teak.

    This is more of a warning than a question. While my boat was "away", it in Florida and me in Ohio, a battery leaked. Unfortunately this was a battery in the clock of my bulkhead mounted clock right above my barometer. It is hard to see in the pictures but it left a deep black streak down the...
  12. Ed Schenck

    Cannot find recessed cockpit storage boxes.

    My 1979 Hunter has a recessed pocket in the cockppit on starboard. It is about 18"L by 5"H and 5 or 6" deep. It has a lip around the entire circumference with screws. The bottom edge has a piece of teak to keep things in the storage pocket. When removed it provides access to the bottom of...
  13. Ed Schenck

    Binnacle rework.

    My boat's time in the south and saltwater really took its toll. Particularly the stainless including the helm guard and the wheel. The paint on the pedestal is very bad. The wheel use to slide right off, now I can't get it off. I was going to bring the entire pedestal home until I started...
  14. Ed Schenck

    How do you interconnect your electronics?

    On my "pod" I have two Nexus displays, wind and multi. These are daisy-chained from a small cable which originates at the Nexus computer near my nav station. Also on the helm guard is my GPS chartplotter. Then on the wheel there is the Simrad WP30 autohelm. The wiring for the chartplotter...
  15. Ed Schenck

    Cherubini Toerail.

    Hey guys and gals, Is this our toerail? Isn't that a lot to pay for 34 feet?
  16. Ed Schenck

    Recharging marine air-conditioner.

    Have any of you successfully recharged your marine A/C with an R22 kit? Mine is a 12K Mermaid and the instruction manual says nothing about recharging except to call a professional. There is a port just like on my cars but it is smaller. Here is one kit that I found with Google...
  17. Ed Schenck

    Grandson's first sail and other stuff.

    My two year old grandson Will had his first sail and overnight yesterday. We had south winds, so offshore, fast and flat the ten or so miles from Huron to Vermilion on Lake Erie. On return with a guesstimate of 18 to 20 I elected to sail on just the yankee. I was really surprised how well she...
  18. Ed Schenck

    Working load on end-boom H37C.

    Thinking of upgrading to triple blocks for the mainsheet. Series 30 blocks are rated at 2000# and 40s at 2800. The sheave sizes are the same. Should I spend the additional $40. to go to the series 40? Total would be about $260. plus shipping.
  19. Ed Schenck

    First sail since spring of 2010.

    Yesterday I installed four Norseman studs on the four lower shrouds, bent on a couple of sails, and did some preliminary rig tuning. It was too windy to tackle the jib(yankee) alone. So Friday, weather permitting, Ladylove will see Lake Erie for the first time since July 2007. And that after...
  20. Ed Schenck

    Anybody want a boat . . . . cheap!

    Got up at 0530 to be at the boat by 0800. Figured I had about six more hours of work on the mast after tweny-four the previous Monday and Tuesday. The picture tells the story. How stupid to install and not measure first. But the rigging was made as a copy, I had sent them the original...