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  1. MacNCheese

    Will Miss the 26D. Seen a Mac 19 for sale?

    As most of you know, I had put my Mac 26D up for sale to fund the purchase of my next boat, a Mac 19. I couldn't have found a nicer guy to sell my 26D to and he will shortly be joining this forum and introducing himself. Luckily he's an engineer by profession and will be able to accomplish...
  2. MacNCheese

    Any ideas on the purpose of electronics?

    Two electronic questions: 1) My used 26D came with a Autohelm that tells depth and speed manufactured by Bidata. Was that standard equipment with all 26D's or an optional feature? I thought an autohelm was like an autopilot but I'm wrong yes? I don't see anyway for the tiller to be...
  3. MacNCheese

    Indoor Plubming Mod On 26C

    I had met the nicest couple who looked at my boat today and they solved my boat's biggest mystery. That lever in the laz isn't a "Passenger Ejection" switch after all! Nope. It is a pump handle to pump out waste material from the lavatory! I have discovered today that...
  4. MacNCheese

    Fastest Trailer Sailor?

    Only curious what the fastest (at sailing) mono-hull trailer sailors are? So not referring to catamarans etc, just like a fast sailing classic sailboat that you could also maybe cruise in for a week at sea and being at least 26 feet long. Thanks!
  5. MacNCheese

    MacGregor 65' Yacht Shared Ownership

    I'm just throwing this out as an idea for discusion realizing that it probably won't come together. This is the best price on a MacGregor 65 I've ever seen at $97,000 (granted, it needs the engine rebuilt). Would it be a good idea for...
  6. MacNCheese

    We Were wrong, the "S" in 26S Stands 4 "Super Sport"

    Turns out we were all wrong and the "S" stands for "Super Sport" as you can can see from this ad: LOL!
  7. MacNCheese

    Is this a MacGregor Cabin table?

    Found this in my boat and was curious if it came with the boat? If so, where does it mount? As you can see from the pictures below, it is black in color and has two pegs on the leg that look like they should fit some holes.
  8. MacNCheese

    Turn Your 26C Into a 26R: Parts Guide

    Turn Your 26C or 26X Into a 26R With A Rotating Mast! Parts List to Turn Your MacGregor 26C into a 26R (Rotating Mast) Why do this? 1) The boat goes faster 2) You hold a course closer to the wind. TampaMac has reported about 5 degrees closer, maybe a bit more. 3) The boat will lean...
  9. MacNCheese

    Post Pictures of your custom Mast Raising System?

    I'm going to try to make my own mast raising system for my 26D that does not have the extra hole in the tabernacle for MacGregor's system (pic below). If you've created your own mast Raising System, can you please post pictures and a description of how? Thanks!
  10. MacNCheese

    How Would You Install A Lock On Custom Cabin Door?

    As you can see from my custom Cabin Door on my 26D, the lock on the outside is ineffective because the screws are exposed. I tried putting the lock on the inside with that same hasp, but that leaves a 1/2 inch gap that rain gets in. Any ideas how to do this in a simple way?
  11. MacNCheese

    How Long Could You Live In Your Mac?

    If the economy gets even worse and I lose my house, my backup plan is to live in my MacGregor 26. I bought for it a .11 acre piece of land in the woods of New Hampshire in order to save on Marina fees. I built for it a driveway and put in a 9x11 shed next to it that has electrical power so...
  12. MacNCheese

    Any New Englanders With Shrink Wrap Gun? Alternatives?

    I'm looking to contribute some money to anyone around New England who would let me borrow their shrink wrap gun? Also, anyone know any alternatives besides shrink wrap of keeping snow out of the cockpit? I'm worried that enough snow will get in my cockpit that the back of my boat will...
  13. MacNCheese

    Help Me Make "X" Travel Brace for Mast in Down Position?

    Sad? Very sad. But I failed at making the very basic Sailboat project. The "X" shaped travel brace to put in the cockpit to give support to the mast while it's in the down position. I used two boards tied together with a rope in the middle in a "X" shape and placed it snuggly under the...
  14. MacNCheese

    Fiberglass over spider cracks or caulk?

    Need your advice please. See the pictures below of internal spider cracks from when a tree fell on my Mac 26D. A guy came to Boston yesterday to buy my boat for $2,400 & backed out because of these spidercracks. Thus I must fix them so it hopefully will sell. This guy told me to...
  15. MacNCheese

    Live Near New Hampshire or Boston & Know How To Rig a Mac?

    I returned from Philly to New Hampshire last night with a Hobie 18 mast, boom, mast step, rigging and sails (every part I could get off the Hobie). I must find a way to use this to rig it to my Mac 26D as I have none of the original Mac rigging (except for the metal pullys and such that are...
  16. MacNCheese

    Will The Hobie 17' Sail be enough to power Mac 26?

    Let's assume that I can retrofit this 17' mast (from a 1988 Hobie 17 Catermaran) to fit my Mac 26' (Several people have said they easily retrofitted the Hobie 18' mast to fit their Mac 26). The mast is 27'7 tall so it's almost the same height as the 28' Mac 26 mast. So I will be re-using...
  17. MacNCheese

    What was the last year they made the MacGregor 25?

    Hey all, anyone know the last year they made the MacGregor 25? Also, would a mast from a Mac 25 fit Mac 26C? Thanks
  18. MacNCheese

    Can you please help me identify this sailboat?

    I'm trying to identify what this sailboat is. I'm told it is 65' long, but that is all I know. It looks like it's from the 70's or late 60's of fiberglass construction. UPDATE: The owner said it may be 50' long instead (he's not sure), it is 20-30 years old and that it is named the...
  19. MacNCheese

    USS SpiderCrack Rebuild Thread (MacGregor 26D)

    If you ever feel bad about your MacGregor, just look at mine and you will feel infinitely better about yours :laugh: Welcome to the USS SpiderCrack (ok, not quite a steamship, but it adds to the name). I bought a boat in bad shape, and will slowly rebuild it to learn about boats but mostly...
  20. MacNCheese

    Which MacGregor Forum Most Active?

    Hey guys, was just curious which forum is most active for MacGregor Owners between this one and this one: Or is there another I'm missing that is most active? It seems like there are many many MacGregor Owners out there, but not much activity here...