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  1. Shagdance

    Catalina 310 history questions

    I have a 2004 with IMF and have had zero problems. Follows directions and they work great. I've reefed and rolled up in all conditions and no problems yet. The 310 are great sailboats.
  2. Shagdance

    Exhaust Tape?

    Are you talking about the insulation tape or repair tape?
  3. Shagdance

    Wilcox Crittenden Head Parts

    Parts and Pump for the original head. Pump has been rebuilt and was my spare. Decided to install all new fixtures in head. Anyone need these parts let me know.
  4. Shagdance

    Engine Mounts Replacements

    2004 Catalina 310 I am at the point I need to change engine mounts. 1000 hour on engine and noticing more vibration. Do I use OEM mounts or are after market mounts available just as good if so, which ones? Thanks
  5. Shagdance

    Replacement window covers

    Catalina Direct
  6. Shagdance

    Is it worth getting a folding steering wheel for 310?

    Love my folding wheel. Much easier to move around.
  7. Shagdance

    Catalina 310 wing keel draft?

    Last Haul Out measure from bottom of boot stripe to bottom of keel. 4' 10" Used laser to get bottom of keel back to tape.
  8. Shagdance

    tranny damper plate

    Her's the MER Equipment Part List for Plates Use There Part No. 80100 Just Installed and it works great.
  9. Shagdance

    Wash Down Pump Install

    Thanks for the ideas.
  10. Shagdance

    Wash Down Pump Install

    Thinking about installing anchor chain wash down system. Hoping somebody has done this on a 310 and provide helpful tips. Thanks
  11. Shagdance

    Drivetrain upgrades

    Hey Jesse Did you use the Sachs Damper Plate #10-1866-061-001. If so, do you like's it's performance and did it handle the rattle. I have to do the replacement and was wondering how it was performing since you had traveled the ICW (motoring). Seems you guys are having fun. Thanks Bill Oriental, NC
  12. Shagdance

    Travel with Dinghy

    Thanks for all the posts. Merry Christmas!
  13. Shagdance

    Travel with Dinghy

    Thanks for this information and photo's. Looks like a good option.
  14. Shagdance

    Travel with Dinghy

    How do travel with your dinghy? Any other way than pulling all the time?
  15. Shagdance

    Leaking galley window

    Have not changed the window: Contact: Catalina Yachts Parts Len Keller 727 544 6681 x 266 Hope this will help.
  16. Shagdance

    Changed Windlass to Maxwell VW500

    Hey Jesse, Would have been nice to see how you have worked out storage and compare notes. Maybe on your way back North or my way South in a couple years. Keep her at Pecan Grove Marina in Oriental; just across from Village. Thanks for the Information. Have Fun and stay safe.
  17. Shagdance

    Changed Windlass to Maxwell VW500

    Hey Jesse, Are you using all chain? if not; what's lft of chain and rode? Thanks
  18. Shagdance

    Changed Windlass to Maxwell VW500

    Anybody upgraded your VC500 windlass to the VW500? Would like to go all chain, trying to find a way. Thanks
  19. Shagdance

    heat exchanger

    Try: Good Service
  20. Shagdance

    Heat Exchanger Brackets

    Russ Cromer @ Mr. Cool Marine Products Can order mounting brackets from Mr. Cool web site Russ provides great customer service and ships promptly