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  1. Shagdance

    Wilcox Crittenden Head Parts

    Parts and Pump for the original head. Pump has been rebuilt and was my spare. Decided to install all new fixtures in head. Anyone need these parts let me know.
  2. Shagdance

    Engine Mounts Replacements

    2004 Catalina 310 I am at the point I need to change engine mounts. 1000 hour on engine and noticing more vibration. Do I use OEM mounts or are after market mounts available just as good if so, which ones? Thanks
  3. Shagdance

    Wash Down Pump Install

    Thinking about installing anchor chain wash down system. Hoping somebody has done this on a 310 and provide helpful tips. Thanks
  4. Shagdance

    Travel with Dinghy

    How do travel with your dinghy? Any other way than pulling all the time?
  5. Shagdance

    Changed Windlass to Maxwell VW500

    Anybody upgraded your VC500 windlass to the VW500? Would like to go all chain, trying to find a way. Thanks
  6. Shagdance

    Folding Prop

    Anybody using a folding prop? If so, can you recommend your prop? What mfg; size; 2 blade or 3 blade? Any difference in perfromance under sail? Any difference in performance under power? Thanks