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    On or Off

    Thanks all, so far the answers confirm what I have been doing for years, leaving the fridge/freezer, shore power on and letting the charger regulate. I also have a diver coming every six months changing zincs and clean the bottom and no sign of electrolysis.
  2. SVPardonMyFrench

    On or Off

    I've always left shore power on and batteries charging in the past, even for a long period of time. Of course, the charger regulates and goes on float as necessary. I also leave the DC fridge running typically. I've had issues with electrolysis in the past that resulted in a broken strut...
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    Raymarine Lighthouse 3 and custom sailing pages

    Hi all, Do you know how to add new custom sailing pages with the Sail DIAL on Raymarine Axiom or eS series? I know how to create new pages and add data boxes, but not to add the sail DIAL specifically. I could do it easily with Lighthouse 2, but cant seem to find the option with LR3 any...
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    SV Pardon My French

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    Code 0

    Well it’s a fun and competitive 40.5. I detect a little of attitude about the 40.5. We don’t pretend to be a J boat but we often surprise people. we run well under spinnaker. I fly the symmetrical with an ATN tacker. — while not perfect, this combo propels us really nicely, we passed many...
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    Code 0

    fly the spinnaker... :)
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    Code 0

    Correct. I have two spinnakers for downwind.
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    Code 0

    Yes it can -- but i need more winches :)
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    Code 0

    That's my impression also from people i've talked to. I have two spinnakers for downwind on sym and one asym.
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    Code 0

    Yes, that's right for PHRF, thanks for pointing it out.
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    Code 0

    Hi All - Doing a bit of racing on my 40.5. I am considering adding a code 0 to my inventory. the PHRF (pacific northwest) rules are not a problem. The 40.5 moves really well in mid to high winds and in those conditions we're quite competitive in our class. In lower winds, however, not so...
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    Rodkicker Issue

    I have exactly the same problem...
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    transducer change... water spout....

    will keep that in mind for next time! thank you!
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    Where do you store the cushions that go on top of the table as a spare berth?

    I store them behind the headboard in the aft cabin, right under the spinnaker (s)! ;). It's big spot.
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