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  1. mz4wheeler

    Yanmar 3GM30 only does 3/4 turn

    Drop the oil pan (again).
  2. mz4wheeler

    Cold start problems

    In winter, or if it's been weeks since I started it, my 2GM20F always starts immediately with a medium to wide open throttle (WOT).. You have to back it off once it starts (obviously). If the engine has been "in use", either winter/summer, it starts with no throttle. I had the same winter...
  3. mz4wheeler

    Can you use your hot water heater to heat your boat?

    > but if your electric bill is a constant But you're electric bill will no longer be constant. It will be MUCH higher now that you're circulating hot water around your boat (which cools it), and force the hot water tank elements to stay on much longer.
  4. mz4wheeler

    Water maker install

    Actually the term is hard to find. Even Wikipedia doesn't have it. These are the only sites that have it, and it's spelled "through"... So Stu should stand corrected. :biggrin:
  5. mz4wheeler

    Water maker install
  6. mz4wheeler

    SS U-Mixing Elbow

    Sorry, not convinced that using an aftermarket SS elbow is any better than stock. Why? Cause my original lasted 30 years! Sure, it was blocked, but I don't believe that if it was SS that the result would be any different. The good folks at Tacoma Diesel said "bring it in every two years for...
  7. mz4wheeler

    The dumbest thing I've done

    Starting pulling out of my slip with my power cable still hooked up. While going in reverse, a guy just happened to be walking by and said "hey, your power cable is stilled hooked up!"... I switched to forward and gunned it... Saved it... Good thing my power cable had some slack!!
  8. mz4wheeler

    Hunter 34 stripped nut on crankshaft pulley

    What about a pipe wrench? It'll grab anything.
  9. mz4wheeler

    Origo Stove Parts

    OK, so back to the turkey baster method argument. I open the can in the sink (avoids spillage on the counter), and fill up the turkey baster. As I lift the baster, the atmospheric pressure inside/outside the baster equalizes, and it says in the baster, similar to putting your finger on a...
  10. mz4wheeler

    Origo Stove Parts

    A lot of turkey basters are too thick to fit down the mouth of a gallon can. This one from dollar tree works: Use one of the long cheap ones that have a narrow body. It has to fit loosely through the 1 gallon can, and be long enough to reach the bottom.
  11. mz4wheeler

    Origo Stove Parts

    I have found that a cheap turkey baster works great to fill the canister. You can put it right to the fill lip at a 45 degree angle and it works perfect.
  12. mz4wheeler

    Some sort of leak coming from the wall in the v berth?

    Use tape to temporary mark (every 3 feet) on the rubber and the hull so when you reinstall it will match the original spacing. Otherwise your rub rail may end up short (or long) when you reinstall.
  13. mz4wheeler

    Some sort of leak coming from the wall in the v berth?

    It's under the rubber rub rail. From the rear of the boat, pull it out on a warm day all the way to the bow and check/reseal each screw. On my boat, there were 3 holes that didn't have screws... All hidden from a previous repair or when the boat was manufactured. On a cold day, you can use a...
  14. mz4wheeler

    Alternate auxillary power

    I have the same type of setup. The photo is old, the outboard is no longer with me, but the concept is the same. Mount the outboard on the swim step, which serves a couple of things: 1) It's now a trolling motor 2) It works with the autopilot and helm if set to center of the boat (using...
  15. mz4wheeler

    Cut out Icebox, Install a Fridge? or??

    OK, so at 115 VAC, it DOES draw .63 amps and uses 73 watts. Now lets convert that to 12 VDC. We know that it needs 73 watts (that is consistent), so at 12 VDC that now becomes 6 AMPS. Even it you used the inverter full time (bad idea), it also contains losses to convert 12 VDC to 115 VAC...
  16. mz4wheeler

    Cut out Icebox, Install a Fridge? or??

    For the price of converting you might as well get an isotherm, designed for low power.
  17. mz4wheeler

    Yanmar 2gm20 valve clearance issue

    Have you checked your exhaust elbow? A clogged elbow will cause smoke, slow starts and wasting fuel. They require cleaning every 3-5 years. Replaced mine a couple of years ago and made an amazing difference.
  18. mz4wheeler

    Dang hot water heater

    Always a good idea to have a spare H/W pressure valve. It is also a good idea to occasionally test it to clean out the crud, but if you do that, there is a chance that it will NOW start to leak, hence, the spare valve. The question is... WHY did it trip? Thermostat?
  19. mz4wheeler

    So they dropped my boat!

    An illegal contact is not enforceable. Of course they are responsible.