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  1. RAD burgee

    I'm staying at a Marina in New London Ct. called Crockers Boat Yard and this morning I look out the hatch and next to me is a burgee i s flying, nice to know I'm not the only one flyingthe burgee which reminds me to get a new one because mine's getting tired What's...
  2. RAD

    Westerbeke 30 injector pump

    I was traveling off shore today and the engine started surging, it wood run normal then rev up then go back to normal.....then when I made it to New London it then wouldn't idle.....rev up to 1500 rpm.....figured out if I pull the fuel stop half way it would idle, last year the same thing happen...
  3. RAD

    The Oday rOnDAYvous

    Trying to post a video but it won't work :confused:......and I can't delete this thread I started....its like the mob.....once you go in you can't get out
  4. RAD

    engine over revs at idle

    I have a Westerbeke W30 and over the summer while cruising it would race up for 10 seconds and go back to normal.....and I was afraid it would get worse :cussing: so todays problem while running it in the slip to get the oil warm for an oil change it would slowly creep up in RPM's without me...
  5. RAD

    How about some diesel advice from the experts?

    On my way to the beach for the weekend I noticed the tach going nuts but no change in engine rpm so I throttle back and all is happy and made a note to look into this, then when I was under way back from the beach today when I hit a small wake the engine rpms raced up for a second then went back...
  6. RAD

    What 4 million will buy

    Just returned from the Newport boat show and I found the nicest sailboat I've ever been on......I read that 6 million was spent on the refit...
  7. RAD

    Fuel Issue ???

    A few weeks ago I decided to install a spin on filter adapter for my Lucas CAV filter head on my old Westerbeke 30 and because of space the spin on filter is quite small......installation went well and I left for a cruise last Wednesday and after a 13 hr run the rpm's would just jump a few...
  8. RAD

    Hard Water Sailing

    For the adrenaline junkie's......although I hate winter but always hope the Great South Bay will freeze over so I can watch the ice boats and walk on the area where I dropped anchor a few months earlier
  9. RAD

    International Talk Like A Pirate Day

    Just reminding everyone it's getting close :D September 19
  10. RAD

    Rocking and Rolling

    I'm in a marina for the weekend on the Hudson River in NJ and the surge from the river traffic has the boat rocking in the slip so I'm thinking could I take a bucket and hang in from the boom pushed to the port side of the boat to help dampen the effect? maybe a milk crate? :confused: anybody...
  11. RAD

    Look What I just found
  12. RAD

    Sailboat aground off Fire Island

    Le Papillon, a sailboat en route from Maryland to Maine,ends up on the beach near the village of Saltaire in Fire Island yesterday
  13. RAD

    Ready to get wet

    :dance:Outside is all ready from the rub rails down now for the messy rest while I'm in the water....the amount of dirt and mud that gets dragged into the cockpit from the yard
  14. RAD

    Free Spirit is now an official Oday

    When I bought my boat 8 years ago there were no markings,emblems....nothing that said it was an Oday but if you looked close you could see on the rear quarters that there had been the Oday name that someone took off......well Today I proudly put the name back on
  15. RAD

    Great South Bay Scooters

    Just found this on the Great South Bay site on Facebook.....I have had the pleasure of watching a scooter on the ice and it is an awesome site From Local Historian Gene Horton BLUE POINT, N.Y. WAITING FOR THE SCOOTER RACE Scooters were small, one or two person, amphibious crafts, that could...
  16. RAD

    New sail track opening

    I had a new sail made with the luff about 6" shorter so I can raise the boom 6" and realized that I'll need to make a new opening for the slugs in the mast. I'm thinking of using a diamond blade on my four inch cut off saw and maybe a dremel to clean it up, another thought was a Roto Zip tool...
  17. RAD

    Its been a expensive weekend

    Friday night I jump in the family mini van to shop for the weekend on the boat and get 3 blocks away and the oil light comes on and lots of noise and knocking ....plenty of oil so it looks like an oil pump went. :cry: Saturday were rafted with some friends very near Fire Island inlet and the...
  18. RAD

    Cutting memory foam

    Anyone got suggestions on how to cut memory foam and have it look nice where the cut was?....razor,kitchen knife,saber saw,plasma cutter :confused: I got a huge piece (king size) from a friend and want to cut it to the same shape as my aft cabin berth and the last time I tried to cut foam with a...
  19. RAD

    I'm In!

    Bottoms I gotta get the sails rigged and away we go !:)
  20. RAD

    New NOAA link

    Check out this new link.....I played with it for a little bit and it is just the right tool for planning while thinking about where yer heading this summer :)