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  1. sailor832

    been seaching for info on installing raymarine rudder position sensor on my 34

    I am wanting to install a RPS on my boat but I cannot see a good way to mount it to the quadrant I way wondering if anyone has some pictures of ways to do this.
  2. sailor832

    Adding AC to 1984 Hunter 34

    I recently acquired a1984 Hunter 34 and I am considering adding AC to it we live in the Carolina's and it gets a little warm here in the summer. I am looking at a 16K BTU unit self contained and I can think of two places to mount it. One would be on the starboard side with the water heater but...
  3. sailor832

    Rebuilding 1984 H37C

    I am trying find out where I might get a starboard aft cleat or drawings for one. This looks to have been machined from a block of Aluminum and had a tab welded onto it to attach it to the toe rail.
  4. sailor832

    Replacing large fixed portlights on 84 37C

    I am looking at replacing the large fixed port lights on my 84 Hunter 37C. I have removed all the screws from the inside but can not get the frame around the window to budge. Just do not want to break the original frame as I do not know if a replacement is available. Is it required to remove...
  5. sailor832

    Super furl

    Anyone used one of these furling systems. If so how satisfied are you with it.
  6. sailor832

    1984 hunter 37

    I am looking for a staysail boom and one bareint winch size 23 self tailing or a pair of lewmar 42 self tailing. Also any pieces of toe rail.