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  1. Genesis V

    Nigel Calder: Replace Your Generator by using your main engine

    Recently I attended a information session with Nigel Calder detailing replacing your generators with new marine technology that uses your main engine instead. It totally makes sense but I think the cost at this time makes it feasible for only larger boats with high energy needs. Below is a link...
  2. Genesis V

    Emergency welding using Batteries

    I’ve heard about this but never seen it done.
  3. Genesis V

    Trojan T105 expected Lifespan.

    How long should a house bank of 4 Trojan T105 wired in series/parallel last. I got 6 summer seasons and this spring they are not able to come up to spec in voltage and ample hydrometer readings, also my battery charger won’t go into equalizing mode till it detects they are fully charged. When...
  4. Genesis V

    To Bore a New Hole in the Hull or Not

    This spring I will be adding a masthead Raymarine i60 wind transducer with a i70s display to my seatalk system. At the Toronto boat show I purchased the all in one pack which comes with a Airmar depth,speed & temp transducer, presently I have ST40’s installed with their separate displays. My...
  5. Genesis V

    Bilge Pump Discharge Location, Vented loop & Cored Hull

    I am installing a rule 2000 as a high water Backup emergence bilge pump on my H356, I am looking to locate the discharge fitting at midship close to and at the same height as the existing bilge pump fitting, which is about 3ft above the water line and heel angle. Should I still install a vented...
  6. Genesis V

    MFD to X-5 wheel pilot missing data on seatalkng

    Having just installed a new e75 MFD and seatalkng backbone along with an X-5 autopilot seatalk kit (T12189) on my existing 2011 Autopilot as shown. The MFD shows the AP status as online (Green) and available, however when I am following a route the GPS data from the MFD is not coming through...
  7. Genesis V

    Galvanic Isolator trips Dockside Breaker

    Does anyone have an idea what's happening here. When I plug into shore power the breaker on shore trips immediately this is with the main A/C breaker on the boat in the off position. After checking all wires back to the panel for faults I found that when I disconnect the Promariner Prosafe A/C...
  8. Genesis V

    Solar Junction Box Repair

    Well I should have seen it coming. The main sheet caught on the positive cable exiting my flexible solar panel and ripped the junction box clean off. Image by Genesis V posted Jul 4, 2016 at 9:12 PM Is there anyway to repair this? It a $400 replacement. Would be nice to solder on extension...
  9. Genesis V

    Should You Lock Your Prop Or Let It Spin

    . Lock your prop, or let it spin? To reduce drag when you’re sailing: should you lock your prop, or let it spin? Emrhys Barrell’s conclusive test settles this long-running debate, once and for all READ ENTIRE ARTICLE
  10. Genesis V

    Choosing a Solar Charge Controller

    I am in the process of purchasing 300watts of flexible solar panels for a Hunter 356 and down the road may be 200 more watts I have been offered a TriStar TS-60 PWM charge controller by Morningstar at half-price. Being new to solar systems I'm not sure just what to do I understand that a MPPT...
  11. Genesis V

    Johnson washdown pump to Jabsco fitting issue

    Ok the job is done a Johnson 5.2 washdown pump is in and 3/4" hose run starboard side from under galley floor to anchor locker beside windlass where I installed a Jabsco quick release deck fitting. On start up the pump powers up and pressurizes the outlet hose and deck fitting however when I...
  12. Genesis V

    Battery Wire Imbalance

    Last season I installed 4 new Trojan T105 6v/225amp batteries in the configuration shown in the attachment. At the end of the season the hydrometer reading on the cell at the positive end of the No.1 battery was below all other cells. It's been suggested that voltage drop is the issue and I...
  13. Genesis V

    Washdown pump wire size

    Help..I am installing a wash down pump on a H356 and there are a couple of things that I am unsure about. The pump is a Johnson Aqua-Jet 5.2Gpm and I'll be locating the pump under the port settee about 8ft away from the 12v panel board. Now the instructions recommend a wire size of #6 wire...
  14. Genesis V

    Reef Points for Roller Furling

    As an idle sailors waiting for winter to pass I was trying to figure out my reef-points on my roller furling mainsail and furling jib to keep the sail plan in balance. Right now with full main and full jib she sails great in light winds with just a slight pull to windward which for me is...
  15. Genesis V

    Garmin Bluechart Mobile Functions

    Can anyone help me with a question re. the Garmin Bluechart Mobile App. I am looking to purchase the Garmin Bluechart Mobile App & charts on my iPad air which has an internal GPS (as a backup to Navionics). Am I correct in assuming that the Garmin app does not show and follow your boat on the...