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  1. RAD burgee

    Love my Oday.....yes its a great boat
  2. RAD

    SBO burgee

    They are pretty hearty burgees......Iv'e had mine for quite a while and they fly 24/7 during the season and my club burgee gets replaced every year cause it just doesn't hold up and it cost much more so 13.95 is a deal
  3. RAD burgee

    I'm on the other coast from the SBO store and 6.95 shipping isn't too bad where'd you get 30.00
  4. RAD burgee

    If I see someone around I'll introduce myself......I'll ask where did you get that cool burgee ;)
  5. RAD burgee

    I'm staying at a Marina in New London Ct. called Crockers Boat Yard and this morning I look out the hatch and next to me is a burgee i s flying, nice to know I'm not the only one flyingthe burgee which reminds me to get a new one because mine's getting tired What's...
  6. RAD

    Westerbeke 30 injector pump

    I was traveling off shore today and the engine started surging, it wood run normal then rev up then go back to normal.....then when I made it to New London it then wouldn't idle.....rev up to 1500 rpm.....figured out if I pull the fuel stop half way it would idle, last year the same thing happen...
  7. RAD

    Lifting my engine

    I did mine with a crow bar and some blocks of wood to shim it up 1/2" .......just enough to get one at a time out setting the new mounts close to where the old ones were and then did a slow and painful coupling alignment that worked out just fine BTW I loosened all the top nuts on the other...
  8. RAD

    Stanchion rebedding question

    Found the picture of the backing plates......these are 1/4 inch stainless but aluminum would work too
  9. RAD

    Stanchion rebedding question

    You'll need another pair of hands on the deck and a flexible head type ratchet wrench and you might be able to slip it under the fiberglass headliner but if you can't and want to get the job done faster then you'll need a hole saw I had to make mine a little larger cause I made some backing...
  10. RAD

    O'Day Replacement Red/Green Bow Light

    Go to and type in BOW LIGHTS in the search box and it will bring up all the bow lights and find one that will fit in the metal tab at the bow rail.....and if its wrong Defender is the best for taken something back, but if you check the size description of the item it should be no...
  11. RAD

    O'Day Replacement Red/Green Bow Light

    Was in mounted on the bow rail?
  12. RAD

    Repainting pedestal base

    I redid mine about 4 years ago with Interlux Brightside and a brush....after a good sanding I filled some of the dings and areas where the paint peeled with some fairing compound and the final finish looked great.....I need to do this again next spring
  13. RAD

    Hypothetically Speaking, if you loose your boat pole . . .

    Re: Hypothetically Speaking, if you loose your boat pole . . And then there was the day my engine pump failed and I had to sail back in a light wind and I made a whisker pole out of the boat hook
  14. RAD

    So your in a late night boating accident.....

    Texting while boating will cause that
  15. RAD

    To My Surprise, No Zincs!!

    I find it hard to believe that zincs (were there two?) could vanish in 6 weeks....sounds like the yard forgot.....did you get billed for them.....what has been the history of longevity of your zincs in previous years......when I left my boat in the water for the winter I could get two years on 2...
  16. RAD

    Finally have solar on the boat.

    looks good but what about poles while pulling into/out of a slip or along a Bar B Q is mounted in the exact spot and I can count on my fingers how many times it go whacked......never bent it or the rail cause it always moved on the clamps.....just saying
  17. RAD

    Stabilizer for diesel during haul out

    Because I have a 1978 Westerbeke and only get fuel from a busy diesel station and I wonder about the low sulfur diesel fuel that big brother has introduced to the public the sulfur lubricates the fuel injector pump so a shop recommended a product called Stanadyne which a few diesel mechanics...
  18. RAD

    Solar Panel Install Questions

    Why would you run a # 4 awg wire for a panel that only produces 8 amps and if you added 2 more panels your at less than than 30 amps so a # 10 would cover all bases
  19. RAD

    Police boat strikes vessels on the Potomac in Georgetown

    Nautical the rest....and I'll bet they say there not responsible cause they were going to an emergency......same thing happened to a young kid who worked for me while at a traffic light on the way to work one morning......Effen weasels
  20. RAD

    How mark boat for haulout strap locations

    I use a piece of 3M electric tape on the life lines....been there for 10 yrs. now and right before haul out I put a piece of flagging just for Sh%$ts and giggles