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  1. Caboteur

    Drawers in the galley

    There were no drawers in the galley of my B-31 untill a "friend" said "you could put a pair of drawers right there". He said this in front of the admiral of course. So after taking all sorts of measurements over the winter and having a competent cabinet-maker have a go here they are.
  2. Caboteur

    Le Vendee Globe

    After 78 days of more or less match racing Francois Gabart and Armel le Cleac'h finished with barely three hours difference. It was the first time a monohull went around in less than the mythical 80 days. A thousand miles away Jean-Pierre Dick is in fourth place and will attempt to finish the...
  3. Caboteur

    Great Lakes tour

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, As winter is closing in and Caboteur is on the hard, my wife & I (mostly I) have started musing about a Great Lakes tour... We would start from our home port (45°09N 074°20W), around July 15th, sail up the St-Lawrence to Trenton ON, dump the mast, motor to...
  4. Caboteur

    Solar panels on or off in winter?

    Expert advice... I have 2 X 85W solar panel bank that I leave on all summer. They are linked to the battery bank through a supposedly smart controller. The boat is on the hard for the winter, it is a little north of 45°N. The sun will therefore not be any higher than 30° for the next three...
  5. Caboteur

    How deep the rudder?

    I have a B31 with a 4'3" shoal keel. There is very little protection for the rudder which is nearly as deep as the keel. The Sunday before last there was a hurricane force wind here for a short while: 120Km/hr sustained for a minimum of three minutes. My boat pulled it's mooring and ended up on...
  6. Caboteur

    Down the east coast, Bahamas bound

    I will be leaving Montreal, Qc, Canada in early september to cruise the east coast & winter in the Bahamas to return home in June. Since our insurance will keep us north of 35°N untill November 15th, we should be in the Pamlico sound most of early November. We (my wife & I) are looking for local...