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  1. Caboteur

    Beneteau 331 engine room fan

    After a partial meltdown of the ignition wiring and after changing the whole harness once I rewired the exhaust fan and ordered a new one from Bénéteau. The new fan is now manually controlled via an an-off switch located aside the ignition panel. I can run the fan for awhile after the engine is...
  2. Caboteur

    Need Replacement Companionway Hatch Seals

    Hello Graham, I’m just a little up-river on lake St-Francis. Between Valleyfield and Cornwall. The St-Lawrence gives access to the Great Lakes and the Atlantic seaboard... being a river you must motor a lot going up and mostly sail going down.
  3. Caboteur

    Need Replacement Companionway Hatch Seals

    Just unscrew the end-caps, remove the companionway and hatch plexis, pull out the old and feed in the new parts. Replace and you are done. Do not cut the new ones though they seem a bit long... push in. Pierre
  4. Caboteur

    Going up to masthead on Hunter 356

    Last time I had to do some work at mast-top my 14 year-old 45kg grand-daughter offered to go... to all would-be winch grinders!! If you really must be the one to go up, can you use your anchor windlass to pull you up? 100 kg plus the resistance of turning blocks is a lot. I eouldn’t want to be...
  5. Caboteur

    Beneteau Oceanis 31 "CU" purchase help

    When I purchased my 2009 Bénéteau 31 in 2008, the Océanis nomenclature was used on the European boats only. At some point the Marion boats began using the Océanis name also. A bit weird since this boat is a coastal cruiser (CE « B ») and not a true « Ocean crossing » boat. I have no idea what...
  6. Caboteur

    Splicing 8 plait to chain

    It all depends on your knnes, back and budget! I had a Lofrans manual windlass on my last boat, C&C Landfall 38. When I purchased the 31 I had three sine qua non requisites... A) Cabin heater. B) No spinnaker pole. C) Electric windlass. This being said, I used the 3/8 chain on the #10 capstan...
  7. Caboteur

    Splicing 8 plait to chain

    Both Samson and Premium ropes have very good « Youtube » instruction videos. Google « 8 plait rope splice ». I would splice directly to chain (I have a vertical windlass and a thimble won’t fit through the hole to the chain locker!). If you just anchor out in fine weather... for serious...
  8. Caboteur

    Info on Goiot manual windlass, 351 Oceanis

    The Goïot windlass is calibrated for either size 8 or 10 chain... for USA size 5/16 or 3/8 it is at best an imperfect fit. I once had a Lofrans with a size 10 « barbotin » and used 3/8 chain. It would jump every foot or two. Got some size 10 chain and all ok.
  9. Caboteur

    2009 Beneteau 31 Holding tank vent

    DougM is right... the holding tank is in the head compartment. If you open the right side mirror/cupboard you will see the top of the holding tank and the vent tube going to the through hull fitting. By shining a strong light on the side of the tank you will see the level of fill (if there is no...
  10. Caboteur

    I just got the confirmation...

    Or, down the St-Lawrence to lake St-Louis, go to Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue & then up the Ottawa river to Rockliffe. If you draw less than 12.7 meters you don’t have to remove your mast!
  11. Caboteur

    Electric re-sale value?

    Why do it in the first place? What is your gain? 1) Certainly not ecological... your electricity source in Pensacola is still mostly charcoal-fired though being replaced (slowly) by rock-fracturation natural gas and solar (very little). Better burn a little diesel! 2) Quiet... Yes! But for how...
  12. Caboteur

    Fuel gauge is a poor guess

    French boat: use metric! It won’t really help but since most are already confused go worse! When averaging the diesel furnace can be taken into account... or not! Better to look for fuel when gauge shows 1/4 and carry a jerrycan! I burn 2 liters/hr and have 130 liter tank but in May, June...
  13. Caboteur

    Macerator pump - Beneteau 331 - stupid question

    If there is a macerator, the pump is located under the sink; it is clearly identified as such... there is also a dedicated through hull which should be identified "macerator". The pick-up tube is on top of the tank. the exit for the deck plate is on the bottom of the tank. It is more efficient...
  14. Caboteur

    Dinghy Sling Davit System? w/ pictures

    What is the width of your (boat's) rear end? Whether slings or Weavers if the ends of the dink are dipped in the water when heeling it will be very uncomfortable especially if the boat is pulled off!. I have Weavers on my AB 8VL loaded on a Bénéteau 31 and that works out most of the time. I have...
  15. Caboteur

    Need Replacement Companionway Hatch Seals

    I had to replace two of those on my 31(I have 4 left). I think you can switch the bottom for lateral and put the bad part at the far end. I didn’t remember they were that expensive!
  16. Caboteur

    What happened to Bermuda with your 331? Will you be travelling with wife or better half? The...

    What happened to Bermuda with your 331? Will you be travelling with wife or better half? The trip from NS to Bahamas may even be as interesting as the Bahamas period itself... If the trip unsettles you, you may E-mail or call me at or 438 497 3860. I could even...
  17. Caboteur

    Bought our first boat

    On the picture the forward chainplate has been pulled up one notch... this is probably for the lower forward stay. that would make it an emergency repair: I wouldn't use the boat until it is repaired. I would lower the mast ASAP: on a 26 foot boat this isn't difficult and you don't need a crane...
  18. Caboteur

    Sailing a B331 to Bermuda??

    Just read a bit more about offshore sailing regulations... To be certified CE class A a boat must respect the latest requirements pertaining to capsizing and in the event of a capsize the requirements for self-righting. The 311 does all that. You should also carry shears or a mallet and punch to...
  19. Caboteur

    Sailing a B331 to Bermuda??

    Hello, The B331 is a CE A class boat. She is built to ocean crossing standards. Have a look at security measures to take for ocean crossing such as securing hatch-boards to the boat, sole openings, the ice-box door, make sure the oven-stove can't get loose etc. Make and test a spare rudder...
  20. Caboteur

    Blower motor circuit confusion

    Russ, I found the solenoid as indicated in the Bénéteau wiring chart for my boat, in the rear cabin close to the main switches. It took some searching to find although it is rather well indicated on the chart. As others have said this isn’t a safety issue but it can be nice to let the fan work...