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  1. kdssail

    problems running new wire in Oday 26 mast

    I am trying to rewire the 1985 Oday 26 mast lights and add an anchor light. There is some type of foam or sponge in the area of the spreaders and steaming light! What is it and how do I get new wire past it to the steaming and anchor lights, also is the old original wire fastened to the mast...
  2. kdssail

    stuffing box Oday 26

    who ever has or had an Oday 26 with an inboard 1GM10 engine. I need to redo my stuffing box.....who made the box that Oday used? ..... what size material do I use? .....3 or 4 pieces of material...
  3. kdssail

    unknown piece of wood found in boat

    Can anyone tell me what this piece should be used for on my 1985 Oday 26. I found it under one of the main cabin seats and it is too well finished to be scrap. please see pictures
  4. kdssail

    stuffing box repack

    I have an 1985 Oday 26 inboard. What is the correct way to repack the stuffing box? How many wraps of material do I use and do I cut or NOT cut the material, 45 degree or straight?
  5. kdssail

    bulk head plans

    I need to redo my bulkheads in my Oday 26 ( same as 25). Does anyone have a set of plans for the bulkhead, sink, head ares's?:confused:
  6. kdssail

    Oday 26 centerboard general information

    attached are several jpg of Oday 26 centerboards. HARDWARE, JPG OF TRUNK both for and aft section, DRAWING WITH MEASUREMENTS, LIFT ROPE. attachemnt and pulleys, NEW PARTS (cross bracket-pin-screws-and shims), and 26 with new bottom and board all the way down; notice that it does not go streaight...
  7. kdssail

    Oday inboard engine

    I have a 1GM...1cyc 9hp engine on my Oday 26. I would like copies of information on this engine. Does anyone have this info? Please respond to me Dave at KDSSAIL@HOTMAIL.COM thanks.
  8. kdssail

    Trailer modified for sailboat

    I bought a power boat trailer and modified it for my Oday 26. This trailer was VERY easy to modifiy and required very little welding ( done up town by a weld shop). Most work was done using garage tools. Because I found a Trail-Rite trailer, the side guides when reversed made perfect hull...
  9. kdssail

    Rear stay modification

    A previous owner modified the rear Stay on my Oday 26. It is a great mod and increases the space in the cockpit with the stay moved out over the stern. See picture.. or e-mail me at
  10. kdssail

    engine and rigging

    I now own an 1985 Oday 26 with a 1GM10 inboard. any information on the engine would be appricated @ rpm, repair issues etc. I would also like to know the proper tuning process and specs for the mast tuning. Thanks
  11. kdssail

    Oday 26 with diesel

    I now own a ODAY 26 1985. I would like a copy of the manual with diesel information; maintance, inspection, parts list. Any othe info on the 26 would be great. Thank You Dave Slepoy