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  1. kdssail

    Trailer tongue extension

    Look in ODAY 26 section. I added jpgs of my trailer I modified from a power boat trailer. My extension is stored in a 4x4 box steel welded to the tongue. Unpin and pull it out and repin with same pin. It already has a ball coupler on it and a stop bolt at the end to keep it from coming all the...
  2. kdssail

    larger trailer sailor

    I have an ODAY 26 inboard with a trailer. it's a great boat that sails easy ,30" draft, with some great mods. I'll thinking of selling. look up boat info I think you will like it. more info KDSSAIL@HOTMAIL.COM
  3. kdssail

    EZ Loader Trailer Tire Replacement for O'Day 25

    Go to a "D" load range tire, my Oday 26 and trailer are 6000#,and C load range gives very little max weight gap. The D range gives me a lot more gap therefor safer traveles, mine are 14" not 15". I went to trailer maker for info
  4. kdssail

    Help! Please post a picture of your O'Day 25 trailer :)

    here are some of my Oday 26 trailer ( same as 25) I converted a power boat trailer ( trail rite)to my sail trailer
  5. kdssail

    Launching 26' issues/concerns

    on my lake in NE South Carolina they launch boat up to @ 30' with the tow strap... you just need a GOOD wheel at the front of the trailer, My 26 trailer I built a 20 ' extension bar and it works great... no part of the truck gets wet ( a good thing in salt water ) see the ODAY 26 modifications...
  6. kdssail

    Ladder steps base

    check out, Address: 3489 Sawmill Rd, Copley, OH 44321 ,1.800.320.1841. They make teak color plastic items for boats; no maintenance, they also sell teak color plastic wood. I have some on my Oday 26 hatch slides and I love it, great looks and zero work.
  7. kdssail

    Help! Please post a picture of your O'Day 25 trailer :)

    I modified a TRAILRITE trailer for my Oday 26. here are some pics. the boat and this trailer weight is @ 6000 #, need more info post a note to me.
  8. kdssail

    Thoughts on 3 things from another 26'

    about jpg 456... chain plate exit slot, I read an article years ago, recalled it, and used the info on my 85 Oday 26. I built a small dam around the chain plate exit and mixed epoxy and filled the dam with the mix. I built a rectangle @ 2" wide ( for/aft) and 3" long (port/starboard) and @ 1"...
  9. kdssail

    Small cheap depth finder

    Look in the Oday 26 modification section of this site. I put info there on my small and inexpensive depth/fish finder installation. I have had it for 5years and works great.
  10. kdssail

    4 more questions :)

    The latest SAIL magazine has an article on boat name removal.... Oven cleaner...he said it worked really good. My 26has frosted acrilic(sp) hatch boards. In s Carolina and in sun 24/7. For my time ..6years and they work and last great.
  11. kdssail

    1985 26' O'Day bilge pump

    On my 85 Oday 26 there is no room in the main bilge for a pump. Although there IS room behind the bulkhead where my indoard is. In front of the motor is the lowest point of the bilge and a good spot for a pump. Next question is water exit point... Make sure the pump will LIFT water high enough...
  12. kdssail

    problems running new wire in Oday 26 mast

    I found the problem... A previous owner had added a wind direction system to the mast head.....Placed a SPOUNG about 12' down and a second about 15' up then thru the streaming light put spray foam in to fill the gap and THAT locked the wires to the mast so they could not be pulled out...
  13. kdssail

    problems running new wire in Oday 26 mast

    I am trying to rewire the 1985 Oday 26 mast lights and add an anchor light. There is some type of foam or sponge in the area of the spreaders and steaming light! What is it and how do I get new wire past it to the steaming and anchor lights, also is the old original wire fastened to the mast...
  14. kdssail

    ODay 26

    more info... read past posts abut lowering mast and vang tab, mast compressing at step causing cracks, other posts will answer most all your concerns
  15. kdssail

    Changing motor mounts

    any time you change or adjust motor mounts you need to check the shaft alignment. new mounts will more then likely be higher since the rubber is new and not compacted and the bolts may not go exactly where the old ones were. Do the entire job and be at peace.
  16. kdssail

    pics of trailer setups

    more pictures......if you need more info email me I use ruff cut 2x6 yellow pine and they support the boat fine. I would not go to a 4x4 since it will have less bent to accommodate the belly of the boat and the width I feel would be too harrow to spread the weight out. The...
  17. kdssail

    pics of trailer setups

    trailer conversi0n to fit sailboat I converted a TRAIL RITE power trailer to my Oday 26 and it fix perfect. see attachments
  18. kdssail

    ODay 26

    I have had my 26 for 5 years and having a catalina 25, oday 22, catalina 28 this is a great boat. It fits me well and I single hand it almost all the time, I have 2 tracks (one by the windows and one by the cockpit), I use a 150 roller furled head sail and the sheets really need to be between...
  19. kdssail

    26 or 272?

    I have a 26 and a friend has the 272... my 26 will turn circles around his 272 because the 26 tiller needs a smaller turn radius then the 272 rudder with a push/pull rod. The rod has turn limits so it needs a larger radius. I like the 272 for the stand up headroom and the step out swim ladder...
  20. kdssail

    Mast raising / lowering on a 26

    good info above from Joe. Keep in mind that the 26 has a vang bail at the mast base so do NOT lower mast to stern or you WILL poke a hole in your topside, I installed a mast base plate to attach turning blocks and the vang's lower attachment, now I can drop mast either direction. I made a mast...