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    Have you replaced your standing rigging yet?

    New standing rigging is cheap insurance and peace of mind. I upsized my rigging on two of my boats -- Montgomery 17 from 1/8" to 5/32", and O'Day 25 from 5/32" to 3/16". Watch those toggle jaws. Montgomery 17 sat on hoist through Hurricane Charley. The back stay must have been vibrating like...
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    Want to add bimini to O'Day 23. Want to position it at aft end of cockpit for ease of dock/cockpit access, but main sheet complicates things. Was thinking of installing either a short track for main sheet block at companionway threshold, or a triangular mainsheet block system with blocks...
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    O'day 23 bimini mounting advice and dimensions

    My O'Day 23 is in WI, and I am in FL for winter. Want to shop for a bimini for the boat while in FL and thought it would be easy to find cockpit width info, but that is not the case. Anybody have the cockpit width info? Want to mount the bimini on either the cockpit combing or the side deck...
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    slipper 17

    Been sailing mine without the CB for several weeks now. Sweet little boat. Very solid in heavy winds, if you manage your sails and helm well. Goes to windward OK as long as you don't pinch (try to head too close to the wind with sheets too tight). Very fast on close reach through run.
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    Bristol 24 hull deck joint

    Need advice quick. Am looking at a Bristol 24. Always admired these boats. Found one that seems like a great deal, but the hull/deck joint is a real concern. The rub rail was removed and all that is left are the deck and hull flanges that seem well bonded, but there are no bolts or fasteners...
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    gel coat repair

    I have some deep gel coat cracks in the tan non skid on my O'Day 25. How do I find gel coat that exactly matches the O'Day tan gel coat?
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    mast step hinge plate

    The mast step hinge plate on my O'Day 25 is troublesome for several reasons. Friends with other boat models (Catalina 25 for example) have mast hinge systems that involve two vertical stainless plates ("ears") on either side of the mast with a single stainless bolt going through them and...
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    O'Day 25 opening port replacement

    The opening ports on my O'Day 25 have been gradually falling apart -- it was time to replace them. I purchased two Beckson PO414-SS-10 opening ports from their bargain page (check it out -- excellent stuff there). Each port -- $40.00. Major bargain. These ports exactly match my original...
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    Opening ports O'Day 25

    The head area opening ports in My 1976 O'Day 25 are failing -- hinges etc. Need to replace them, but need advice. Can't find Beckson ports that match the size. Opening is 5 1/4" by 15 1/4". Am guessing other 25 owners have also had problems with their opening ports. What size/brand do you...