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    37 cutter to sloop

    OK. I have written a lot about the advantage of sailing the Hunter 37 as a sloop. If you forget the incredible increase in performance. If you forget the ability to tack in the tenth of the time, if you forget the ability to store a dingy on the foredeck, if you forget that it gives you one less...
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    You are getting great advice. Midnight Sun has always had a two blade folding Martec. It does no really matter what you spin, props are only a way to apply horsepower to do something. three blades give you more instant gratification, but props are matched to engines. Back to propwalk. It is a...
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    Hunter 37 Standing Rigging

    Having ocean raced by boat for 40 years, I can tell you that 9/32" discontinous rod is strong enough (for the uppers) for anything you will ever encounter. My lowers are still 1/4". I have added an intermediate shroud from the spreader tip to the attachment point of the runners, which I have...
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    Sailing polars

    None where ever published that I know of.
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    Hunter 37 cutter Mast Rake and Prebend

    Sorry, 7000 should have been 1700 pounds. I always hate it when I sound like an idiot, even though my wife says I have a habit of it. Blaise
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    Considering a 1979 Hunter 37' Cherubini Cutter

    One last thing to add. I would advise on getting the deep draft model. There is a great difference between the two. They both have the same rudder. most have bent rudder shafts. The keel is a couple of feet longer on the shoal draft boats. They don't as quickly. But the biggest difference is the...
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    Considering a 1979 Hunter 37' Cherubini Cutter

    I have owned Midnight Sun since new. After 40 years of ocean racing, there is nothing I don't know about these boats. Please read my boat review, then feel free to call me if you like. 941.518.8815. Rhere is going to be a huge difference betwen a forty year old boat that has been maintained, and...
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    Hunter 37 cutter Mast Rake and Prebend

    Midnight Sun's mast is as vertical as can be measured. With a 135% up and 18 kts of wind the helm has very slight weather helm. It is more difficult to measure the center of effort in a sail plan when you have multiple headsails. The other factor is center of lateral resistance. The hunter 37...
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    1980 37C running the cutter sail

    My mast goes through the coaming on the stern to the starboard side of the backstay. It is a three inch heavy walled aluminum pole 8 feet long. A sixteen inch raymarine dome on top. I have never noticed any effect from the weight.
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    Hunter Cutter 37 Rigging

    You are absolutely correct. I have 9/32" rod. Sorry for the confusion. My headstay, backstay, and uppers is 9/32". My lowers and intermediates are still 1/4". The intermediates go from the spreader tips to the old attachment points that the running backstays once used. Thanks for the correction...
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    Hunter Cutter 37 Rigging

    Everything on Midnight Sun was 1/4" when delivered. IF you stay with the original sailplan and NEVER fly a chute, you will be OK. I didn't. It was obvious that it wasn't strong enough. When flying a chute we would see about two FEET of masthead fall off. I asked Lars Bergstrom, (inventor of the...
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    Midnight Sun

    We just finished our 7th race from St Pete, Fl to Isla Mujeres (just off of Cancun). We finished first in class, 8th overall. After almost 40 years of beating this boat to death ocean racing (and me), I am retiring the old girl from anything over 200 miles. Actually the boat is fine. I am...
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    1980 37C running the cutter sail

    Midnight Sun has had an 8 foot radar mast mounted on the stern for 15 years without a problem. I didn't put it on the mast because it is such a pain to put anything in the wire run behind the mast.
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    37 Cutter Starboard list

    Man, you guys don't have enough to do. If it really bothers you, move the fattest guy (usually me) to the other side.
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    Ed Schenck passed?

    Ed was a fine man. We got together for lunch a couple of times. He is missed.
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    Cutter needs new prop

    I have had a two blade folding Martec on Midnight Sun for 35 years. Absolutely no issues going forward. Reverse is pretty much just a bunch of noise.
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    Update on fuel tank change

    It sounds you have fixed your problem. I just wanted to add something else for H37c owners to check. About 20 years ago while offshore in fairly heavy conditions, (30 kts wind, 8-10 ft waves) my bilge pump kicked on and we pumped what must have been ten gallons a diesel fuel overboard. I tore...
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    So How Many of Us Are There?

    I'm not going anywhere. 39 years with Midnight Sun. Still ocean racing!!
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    Fractional or full jib on 1980 - 36

    Joe, Just what do you guys use for stripper bait?
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    H37C Accommodation Layout Change, too much?

    Vol II. One thing to consider about moving your galley. Hunter didn't just have a crap load of little hatches laying around, looking for a home. The reason most boats have a hatch over the galley is to let the heat out. How well will a hatch work over the new location? Other changes I have...