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    First Sail on 23.5

    OP seems to have ghosted us after first post :-(
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    First Sail on 23.5

    Tackdan235, 1. Mast Rake /Forestay Sag- my forestay turnbuckle is about as tight as I can go, but I still get some sag in it. Any way to check where I’m at? Upper shroud tension or rake measurements? The standing rigging forms a tripod. If the forestay is loose, so are the upper and...
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    Hen's Teeth: The Saga Continues.....

    Like Capta mentioned, Id try a new thermostat. They go bad, and they are cheap. Dont forget to get a gasket.
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    Keel joint seperation AKA Catalina smile

    Nice work. When you retorqued the keel bolts, were they loose? Did that gap close up? Just curious.
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    Chainplate Fabrication

    Nice fab job. You'll save a ton of money.
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    Scarce as hen's teeth...

    I have to respectfully disagree on the point of engine temp should be no higher than thermostat temp. It is quite common, and normal to go above thermostat temp. The thermostat temp is more a function of having a minimum operating temp, not a maximum.
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    First Sail on 23.5

    I highly recommend a roller furler. Mine came with a CDI furler and it works great. Just so much easier. And around 15 kts and the boat feels much better with a reef.
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    Mainsheet traveler on H23.5

    Yes the bulkhead. But the cabin lights still had the gap and was empty.
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    Mainsheet traveler on H23.5

    From what Ive seen messing with the cabin lights, there is nothing in between the outer deck and the inner shell. Varying gap of about 1/4"-3/4". However, when I was drilling a hole to install a compass next to the companionway, there was some newspaper in there(?).
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    Who else cruises YachtWorld on a regular basis?

    What are you regular shoppers noticing, if anything, on prices? I just read an article today saying boat dealers are having record sales of all types of boats. Yet for cruisers you cant do a lot of cruising right now. With limited travel options and summer kid camps pretty much closed boating...
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    Hard to raise mainsail

    Is it difficult to raise from the start, or just near the top?
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    Repairing Mast Foot 95 Hunter 26

    Awesome! Sounds like a good plan. Thanks for reposting. Be sure to post up some pics of the repair when you get her all set up!! I’d like to see it. happy sailing
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    Repairing Mast Foot 95 Hunter 26

    Here is the link to the thread with the same mast problem- ripped out foot- and discussion of the repair. I think the H26 is pretty much the same as the H23.5. Mast Base Rivet Holes Sheared Has the OP ghosted us? First and only post, then poof.
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    Repairing Mast Foot 95 Hunter 26

    Ouch! Sorry to hear about this. That must have been quite a surprise when she came down. As mentioned, there are a few good threads on this for the H26 and 23.5. You have two options, and one doesn't look possible. That is, dressing the end of the mast and installing a new foot. It looks like...
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    merc 9.9 outboard on my 260- help please

    Yeah I like that hour meter idea so much I bought one from Walmart. Arrived yesterday. Ill be putting that in this weekend. I always wondered how much (or little) I was using the motor per season. Super easy install- just wrap a small wire around the spark plug lead. I wonder how long the...
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    merc 9.9 outboard on my 260- help please

    I dont have that motor, but in general, the battery will hook up to the start solenoid. The alternator will typically hook up to Pos + on the solenoid and ground -. But on a marine engine the may be just stacked onto the solenoid terminals. Judging from the limited pic view, Id say the two...
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    Practice your docking with the ISS

    Nice little sim. I managed to do it on the second try. I felt robbed on the first attempt. It said I crashed when there was still over 1 m to go. If you like this program, there is a great rocket simulator called Kerbal Space Program. You can design your own rockets, go into orbit, other planets...
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    23.5 Mast Raising Pole?

    Nice! I wouldnt worry about the cable length. Its not an important spec. You will just be hooking your halyard and main sheet to the loops. Doesnt matter if its an inch long or two feet. Just to save you some effort. Do you still need any measurements, like the height of the pole?
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    23.5 Mast Raising Pole?

    That is not a standard stepping poll, OP. There is no magic to it, and Im sure you can make a suitable substitute with the proper dimensions. The end that goes in the mast hole needs to have a V-notch to fit over a corresponding V inside the mast. This it critical to keeping the poll positioned...
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    Launched the Boat Last Weekend

    I did some google searching on the fans. It seems they dont have a good reputation for moving much air or lasting very long. Any feedback from solar fan vent users?