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  1. Whatfiero1

    So lets talk about sails

    So I got these new sails the other day. I club race so i was looking for a good light wind sail. Seems to me its plastic glue and those thick lines that looks like fish not stocking is actually a sticker i peeled at it and played with it. Am i really only gonna get 5 yr out of this sail till...
  2. Whatfiero1

    Nissan 5 hp overheat

    Ok smart people I've had a little 5hp nissan/ tahatsu that I changed impeller cleaned flushed cooling passages and test run in fresh water but when I put in salt water it stops pumping water and over heats. Tried changing impeller again to see if it's slipping on hub. But stops pumping water...
  3. Whatfiero1

    Looking for relief of guilt

    I got a response on earlier post about power boats always want to pass sailboats over there bow because it's human nature. That's all well and fine but if they could be taught how nice it is on sailboat to be passed to stern ie free energy to push us forward. But anyhow I feel guilty for...