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  1. seadaddler


    Does anybody know what this fabric is called it is the cockpit cushions in my 2007 H-36 Nick
  2. seadaddler

    Sea Era not working

    My Sea Era would not work today but used a long screw driver to turn the blades and now it works. Any body know the model pump to replace and it is the sea water model and thinking a spare would be good idea to keep on boat and best place to get one. Nick
  3. seadaddler

    Jib furling line

    I need to replace my 110 jib furling line after it broke and looked in my manual and can’t find how much I need. Has any body replaced the jib furling line on 2007 H-36 and how long did you buy and size or where in the manual give info what size and how long. Nick
  4. seadaddler

    Raymarine masthead -wind vane -cups

    Lost the top pointer on my masthead wind vane transducer and was going to order a new one but was told if lost another part is missing and would need to replace the whole arm and mine has 5 pin plug. Mine is the round top pointer and has any one know more details about this or any diagram...
  5. seadaddler

    Not Happy with this Forum

    Is it me but I am not understanding what is happening here on this forum and maybe I am doing some thing wrong but this forum post are just always almost the same with little new post. Help me find where the real HuntersOwners forum went to. Nick
  6. seadaddler

    Anchor Chain

    I have 90’ of chain and it is getting rusty looking. What do you do to your chain to keep it from getting rusty or what can be done,it has a rusty looking coating on half of it and guess the most used part. Thinking of refeversing the chain but what an I do to the rusting part and it’s not real...
  7. seadaddler

    Bottom Paint

    hanging from anti fouling to a hard bottom paint. My new diver for the last year is a great guy spending one to two hours cleaning my bottom every month and my antifouling is coming off sooner than in the past so some of others sailors using same diver have also changed to hard bottom and so I...
  8. seadaddler

    Lonseal Flooring

    I thinking of using Lonseal flooring from defend has anybody used this flooring Nick
  9. seadaddler

    Hard bottom over antifouling

    I am hauling in another week and going to usehard bottom over my antifouling paint with a special primer so says the boat yard so has any body done this. My diver is super cleaner and spends over hour some times 2 hours so my paint is wearing sooner and switching to Blue Water hard bottom paint...
  10. seadaddler

    Full screen enclosure. 356/36

    I would like to see how you did your full screen enclosure on your 356/36. I just made shade screens for part sides of my cockpit and want to see how yours were done around the cockpit area. Some photo’s would show me before I start and just started sewing so I am still in a learning stage...
  11. seadaddler

    Flooring in Huntersflooring had help from this

    Does anyone know who is the Company who supplying the Laminate flooring in Hunters for maybe the last 10 years. I have been searching for some laminate flooring used in Hunters because I have some damaged flooring in my 2007 H-36 for a few years now and have found some but never the right color...
  12. seadaddler

    Hissing out of Head

    I had holding take backing up into head so put new joker value in my Sea Era and since than when I dry flush and than add fresh water I get hissing which makes me think it is air. The holding tank is no longer backing back into head. Nick
  13. seadaddler

    North Cruise

    Left Punta Gorda 3/24 and anchored at Cortez and with 10 other PGSC boats going Gulfport today.
  14. seadaddler

    External alternator regulator

    Have a friend with 36 cat not charging and has one of those max external reg and what to check to find problem. Nick
  15. seadaddler

    2007 H-36 caban flooring

    I have some damaged flooring in my 06-07 H-36 and have been looking to find some of this flooring and it is not real wood and a type of laminate plastic top coating and had some water find it’s way into the cabin a few years back while I was away for a few months and the water did lay on this...
  16. seadaddler

    Dustless Blasting

    Has anyone ever used Dustless Blasting on there sailboat and were you happy. I am thinking of switching from ablative bottom paint to a hard bottom paint and my 2007 H-36 hull is in very great shape so don’t want to damage the gel coat. My new diver is a great diver and cleans so good and spends...
  17. seadaddler

    Sea Hawk stripper

    Has anyone used new Sea Hawk marine paint stripper,I have been using Sea Hawk ablative bottom paint but with my new very good diver cleaning has been removing faster than before and so thinking switching to a hard bottom paint. My diver spends at least 45 minutes scrubbing my boat bottom very...
  18. seadaddler

    Raced my H-36

    It has been a few years since I raced my H-36 and I kind of thought my sails we’re old and worn out but they talked me into the Golden Conch in Charlotte Harbor. I raced against a 42,39,36 and guess what got 3rd place. Nick
  19. seadaddler

    Fuel Polishing

    I had fuel problems and so I have a extra Racor 500 and electric fuel pump and want to add a fuel polishing system on my 2007 H-36. I have plenty room and want to add into my already fuel system. How did you install your system and how do you work it. Nick
  20. seadaddler

    Clean fuel tank

    Well 2 times had to get towed by BoatUS back to my dock and changed out both fuel filters but yes engine still stopped and so decided to check fuel tank and pulled out pickup tube and found the screen was dirty but got one of those snake camera and could see some funny looking junk down on...