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  1. Sandy Stone

    Higher and faster!

    First race last Wednesday night with new sails. What a difference! The old boat has new life.
  2. Sandy Stone

    Tampa Bay to Fort Myers

    SW Florida sailors, any suggestions for places to stop along the way? We are leaving St Pete tomorrow planning to anchor off Anna Maria Island for the night.
  3. Sandy Stone

    Android GPS bug

    Trying to remain, um, thrifty, I recently downloaded MX Mariner to my old Toshiba Android tablet. While not a substitute for a real chartplotter, since you can't read the screen in daylight, it was nice to have and did what I expected it to do. However, after running it continuously for some...
  4. Sandy Stone

    LED running lights

    I am considering replacing the bulbs on my running lights with LEDs, but I have read that replacing the narrow incandescent filament with a wider LED light source affects the cutoff angle of the light, resulting in (for instance) an oncoming boat seeing both a red and green bow light. Anybody...
  5. Sandy Stone

    Android GPS app?

    This spring we are planning on a several-week cruise, and I'd like to be able to use my Android tablet as a backup GPS. Being able to display NOAA charts would be a definite plus. Any suggestions for a good app? TIA.
  6. Sandy Stone

    Self-draining holding tank

    Yes, again, but with a twist. I understand that plugging of the overboard drain line while the valve is closed is the biggest problem with this type of installation. It so happens that our boat had an electric macerator type head on board when we bought it. I'm thinking of plumbing the head...
  7. Sandy Stone

    Warm fuzzy

    Yesterday turned out to be sunny and comparatively warm after a spell of cold and/or dreary weather, so the wife and I decided to go over to Mandeville for a walk on the lakefront. Strolling along in the puffy breeze between the big oak trees, we were looking out at the lake where it was blowing...
  8. Sandy Stone

    Cat Island trip

    The First Mate and I managed to get to Cat Island, MS and return to our home in Slidell, LA without major mishap. We left Monday morning just after 7:30 and motored down Bayou Bonfouca into Lake Pontchartrain, temps around 70 deg and bright sunny skies. Our 1986 Beneteau First 375 had been...
  9. Sandy Stone

    Beneteau 375 portlight screens

    Hope this is the right place to post this - we recently came into possesion of a 1986 Beneteau First 375 with what I believe are Goiot opening ports. We would like to get hold of some screens for the ports, but the Beneteau and Goiot websites are pretty useless. Anybody have any idea where to...
  10. Sandy Stone

    Another electrical question

    We are the proud new owners of a 1986 Beneteau First 375 with a Volvo auxiliary, a model 2003 I believe. The boat was rewired by the PO (or someone he hired, I'm sure) and it looks like a very clean installation. It is a classic Nigel Calder three battery switch setup: house battery...
  11. Sandy Stone

    Boats and cars

    This is really more of a wintertime - type aimless discussion, but a short exchange on another thread got me to thinking; what car manufacurers correspond to various boat manufacturers? If we can agree that Hunter is Ford, Catalina is Chevy, and J-boats is maybe Porsche, what about the rest...
  12. Sandy Stone

    Beneteau cutless bearing

    Pardon me for posting this inquiry on the general board, but I thought a few more experts might see it. I am replacing the cutless bearing on my new-to-me Beneteau 375 with a Volvo 2003 motor. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I have pulled the prop, separated the shaft coupling, driven...
  13. Sandy Stone

    Boat transport

    We are very close to being the new owners of a Beneteau 375, unfortunately some 1,000 miles from our home. The boat broker and marina have given us lists of boat haulers to get transportation quotes from, but I was wondering if anyone here has recent experience shipping a boat from the east...
  14. Sandy Stone

    Surveyor in Norfolk area

    Unfortunately our boat-search trip to Texas was a bust. We are now looking at another possibility in Norfolk, but since it's so far away, we would like to line up a few things first in case the boat really does meet our expectations. Does anybody know of a good surveyor in the area? TIA.
  15. Sandy Stone

    Foreign objects

    I have a rather indelicate question (aren't they all?) Does anybody make/sell a disposal bag for feminine hygiene products? I'm thinking of the sensibilities of boat guests who may not have been previously exposed to the realities of a marine head. Ziplock bags would work, but since they are...
  16. Sandy Stone

    Texas sales tax

    So, if an out-of-state resident (me) buys a boat in Texas, with the intention of registering it in their home state, do they have to pay Texas sales tax? Anybody? Bueller?
  17. Sandy Stone

    Gulfport, FL

    I saw with interest the thread about relocating to the Punta Gorda/Charlotte Harbor area, and the informative replies. My wife and I presently live in Slidell, LA and have made a hobby of visiting possible retirement destinations. We recently stopped by Gulfport, FL and my wife really liked...
  18. Sandy Stone


    Thinking of using it on my boat. Anybody tried it, how did things work out?