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  1. BillyK

    Catalina 310 transmission problems

    The thread inspired me to get moving on installing the cooler.. i just ordered one from a guy in Florida.. $113 for the water block. Some places seem to be selling it for over $300 which is ridiculous. here's the link. Simplicity Marine Products - Contact Form
  2. BillyK

    Catalina 310 transmission problems

    i haven't installed the cooler on our new boat.. its on the list. here's an example of what it looks like however.
  3. BillyK

    Catalina 310 transmission problems

    One thing i've learned is that all rebuilds are not alike. A lot of them just replace the clutch plates and call it a day. A good rebuild includes a lot more parts such as thrust plates and other wear items. I had my HBW rebuilt by a cheap guy and it literally lasted a year. Then i took it...
  4. BillyK


    Doesnt it feel good to be done with that? i know i was walking with a little more of a skip in my step after that..
  5. BillyK

    Full Bilge

    the water looks like teak tea..
  6. BillyK

    Impeller kit - Sherwood

    if this is the one that fits the sherwood pump.. i'll take it
  7. BillyK

    C-310 Diagram

  8. BillyK

    C-310 Diagram

    i royally hate the bilge pump setup on the 310. i switched from using a failure prone float switch to a water witch electrical contact system. i also am really unhappy with the size of the pump we can fit.. 800 is terribly undersized imo for these boats.. i'm looking for a solution that...
  9. BillyK

    Floor flooding.

    My current boat flooded from the AC running and a failed bilge pump.. the PO left the AC on by accident for two weeks while away from the boat and the bilge switch failed. the condensation literally filled up the boat... the water came up to the floorboards.. coincidentally, i did have to...
  10. BillyK

    Rabbit hole

    Deeper the rabbit hole goes.. Hinge on the toilet seat broke.. it appears to be an original Headmate 37001 toilet. So i'll have to find a replacement hinge or a new seat. Also, the door latch lock for the forward cabin seems to have broken.. i removed the latch unit and hammered out the...
  11. BillyK

    Low water pressure

    check your vent line.
  12. BillyK

    Rabbit hole

    Isotemp SPA 40 Marine Water Heater - 11 Gallon
  13. BillyK

    Rabbit hole

    Completed the install of the water heater. The isotemp 11 fits nicely.
  14. BillyK

    PSS shaft seal operating temperature

    it looks like your bellows is very compressed. did you compress it more than what PSS recommends? it might be pushing too hard against the collar causing too much friction.
  15. BillyK

    Rabbit hole

    Replaced the oil pressure switch today and reconnected the wires correctly to it.. now the low oil pressure light illuminates while the engine is off and goes off while the engine is on.. so at this point, i'm pretty positive replacing the buzzer will finish the job.
  16. BillyK

    Propane stove

    Definitely test it.. we had a tabletop stove that literally started blasting out flames from the control knob.. my new rule is to use anything that produces fire several times off the boat before using it on the boat.
  17. BillyK

    PSS Shaft Seal - Bellows Degradtion

    very nice!
  18. BillyK

    Rabbit hole

    The manual states that the oil pressure alarm will be an intermittent tone and the water temp is a constant tone. But i have no idea if it works like this in practice as my low oil pressure alarm is not functioning. i do know when i jumped the water temp alarm it was a constant tone. i...
  19. BillyK

    Rabbit hole

    Thats funny.. i was talking to my father about doing exactly this on saturday... i'll give it a shot to see if that takes care of it! thanks Tom..
  20. BillyK

    Repacking the Stuffing Box

    i'm using corrosionX HD to try and keep my coupling and shaft from rusting