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  1. Davidasailor26

    Ferrules on shore power wires with SmartPlug?

    I’m replacing a Hubble shore power connector with a SmartPlug. Beneteau crimped a ferrule on the end of each wire where they go into the back of the socket. I presume they are there to help keep the strands of wire together when inserting in the back of the socket. Should I leave the ferrules...
  2. Davidasailor26

    Newport to Bermuda Race

    Figure I’ll do the Newport to Bermuda race this year. Probably not quite as much excitement as the real thing, but maybe it’ll be an interesting tactical exercise.
  3. Davidasailor26

    Non-Clorox Water Tank Commissioning Alternatives?

    Given the current demand for bleach I was wondering if there are any good alternatives for spring commissioning of water tanks. I have just enough in my house to do the normal dose, but given the current supply chain issues I feel bad just dumping it all down the drain, so to speak. Would a...
  4. Davidasailor26

    Annapolis Boat Show reactions

    I was able to spend time at the Annapolis boat show Friday and today. I’m curious as to what impressions other visitors came away with. A couple of my observations: - Maybe it was just my imagination but it seemed like foot traffic was higher than the last couple of years. Trying to get on some...
  5. Davidasailor26

    Appropriate amount of headstay sag?

    One of the boats in our club thought that we had too much headstay sag in one of our races a few weeks ago. They were race committee for the night and took some pictures. Below is taken while close hauled in 10-11 knots true wind. I figure it's just under 2' of sag, with an I of 45.8 feet...
  6. Davidasailor26

    Three boats at leeward mark - What to do?

    Coming into a leeward mark this evening I think I unnecessarily gave up a big chunk of time. Looking for advice on how to handle it better next time. Three of us were going downwind to a port rounding, with the next leg a port tack close reach. Wind was just slightly from port of DDW. The...
  7. Davidasailor26

    Error 404 from New Threads / Posts List

    It looks like there are error 404's being generated on the legacy new posts list. The links to the forum posts themselves work fine, but on any of the Recent Topics entries the link to the forum itself (eg Ask All Sailors) gets the 404.
  8. Davidasailor26

    Sailboat meets aircraft carrier

    Hopefully the COLREGS discussion on this one is shorter -,amp.html
  9. Davidasailor26

    Identity Fraud Alert thread sticky

    For some reason the Identity Fraud Alert thread seems to be stuck in my New Posts list, and won't go away even though I've read it. I use the new style New Posts list, not the legacy. The Unread Posts count shows 0, but that thread is still in the list. Has been since @Phil Herring locked it...
  10. Davidasailor26

    Best ways to split a fleet

    Our club's non-spin fleet has grown a little and starts are getting a bit crowded. We're considering splitting the fleet, maybe into Non-spin C and D or into PHRF and cruising classes. One suggestion is to split the fleet at 5000 lbs displacement. Off-hand this makes some sense to me. It would...
  11. Davidasailor26

    Rule 18 Is Hard

    Just got home from Thursday night beer can racing. I was called as a witness in a protest between two boats about a leeward mark rounding. Boats were on opposite tacks coming to the leeward mark with a starboard rounding. Port tack boat was coming in fast on a broad reach preparing to gybe...
  12. Davidasailor26

    Not seeing new threads from Phil Herring

    For some reason the last few weeks when @Phil Herring has posted a thread I haven't seen it in the New Posts list. Once someone replies then the reply shows up and I can see the original post, but I don't know about it until then. At first I thought maybe I just missed it but now I'm pretty...
  13. Davidasailor26

    Lubricating harken winch

    I'm disassembling, cleaning, and lubricating our Harken 35.2 ST and 46.2 ST winches. I know to use only light oil on the pawls, and winch grease on the gears, but what should I use on the plastic roller bearings? Are they tolerant of petroleum based grease?
  14. Davidasailor26

    20 hour test in 2 parts?

    Im planning to do a 20 hour battery capacity test with a constant C/20 load as Maine Sail has described. I'd like to know if doing the test in two 10 hour segments, separated by 8 hours is still accurate. That would let me keep the current constant by adjusting the load without worrying about it...
  15. Davidasailor26

    Flexofold size vs. fixed prop

    We're considering switching from the 3 bladed fixed prop on our Beneteau 37 to a Flexofold 3 blade. I've reached out to our dealer and to Flexofold to find out what size they would recommend. The original fixed prop is 17" diameter x 12" pitch, 3 blades. Our dealer said they would outfit it...
  16. Davidasailor26

    Reply with quote flakey in iOS.

    I've been having a problem with the "Reply w/ quote" feature when using Safari on my iPhone. I can select text and tap Reply w/ quote once and it works properly. The problem is that if I want to insert a second quote in my reply, when I try to select the second block of text I can't select...
  17. Davidasailor26

    Sink drain air lock

    The sink in our head is very slow to drain. Until today I assumed it was just because the sink isn't much above the waterline. But then today when it was hardly draining I closed the sea cock for a few seconds. While the seacock was closed a large amount of air bubbles up the drain. Then when I...
  18. Davidasailor26

    Bedding compass

    I have a Plastimo compass mounted on the plastic top of our steering pedestal. It seems like it was bedded with silicon or something similar. Since the compass needs to be removed at least annually to service the steering system, silicon doesn't seem like a great choice. To make matters worse...
  19. Davidasailor26

    Any plans for https?

    I heard a story today that Firefox may begin giving warnings when users visit sites that prompt for passwords if they're not using HTTPS. I've also heard that Google is beginning to give added weight to sites that use HTTPS in their search rankings. With these types of things happening, is there...
  20. Davidasailor26

    Tightening Cap Shrouds

    The cap shrouds on our 2014 Oceanis 37 are very loose above the lower spreaders. The section below the spreaders seems adequately tight. Looking from the deck I don't see a separate turnbuckle above the spreaders for the upper portion. The lower section has a turnbuckle at the bottom, and...