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  1. Sandy Stone

    Question about PHRF Calculation

    I'd put at least some of the blame on the old sails. ; )
  2. Sandy Stone

    Hunter 26.5

    Well, mostly because wing keels are specifically intended to reduce draft, which hurts upwind performance. Also, the wings add some wetted area, IOW friction or drag. Plus, when the boat is pitching in waves, the wings are not going straight through the water but also going up and down, adding...
  3. Sandy Stone

    Hunter 26.5

    Which keel do you have? I wouldn't consider a wing keel optimum for racing, but you can still have a good time (and probably learn a lot). Wikipedia says average PHRF rating is 189, not bad for a 26 footer.
  4. Sandy Stone

    Clean up duties

    I use about 2 cups of bleach and 1/2 cup of Spic-n-Span in a 5 gallon bucket of water. It's miraculous. Need to rinse very thoroughly.
  5. Sandy Stone


    I could be wrong, but I think the deep keel on the 35s5 actually was made of lead, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't encapsulated. Probably the damage you see is to fairing material, which is easily repaired with epoxy thickened with microballoons. As dlochner says, you should carefully check out...
  6. Sandy Stone

    Sailing into a marina

    Maybe not, but I bet they have the legal authority to evict you from the marina.
  7. Sandy Stone

    Are Saildrives becoming more popular?

    Also on most boats you lose the effect of prop wash directly across the rudder, so low speed maneuvering becomes more problematic.
  8. Sandy Stone

    Masthead rig

    Before you go to a lot of trouble, maybe you could talk to your local sailmaker and see what he thinks.
  9. Sandy Stone

    New sails

    Here on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain, we have a loft that was independent for a long time as West Wind Sails. Some years back they became affiliated with Ullman Sails, but still make their own sails locally. The way it works now is, the owner (Dave Bolyard) comes out to your boat and...
  10. Sandy Stone

    Freshman sailor asking for advice

    Hi Klaussic, I live in Slidell and belong to Tammany Yacht Club. When things return to normal (whenever that is) we could probably arrange for adult sailing lessons, and also get you aboard a few different boats so you can see what they're like in reality. I was just wondering, have either of...
  11. Sandy Stone

    40 yers ago - August 1979 - The Fastnet Race Disaster changed the Sailing world.

    But isn't it the nature of racing to take risks? Do you think Formula 1 racers on the track take more risks than you would on the highway? Knowing that you may be placing yourself in a dangerous situation, and properly preparing for that, are part of racing. As far as that goes, I think very...
  12. Sandy Stone

    Replacing my Max Prop questions

    Note OP stated boat is a Beneteau First 35s5. Certainly a 25mm shaft from the factory.
  13. Sandy Stone

    Can I dock my boat stern first? SOLVED

    Some slips get shallower towards the shoreline, so you have concerns about the rudder touching bottom.
  14. Sandy Stone

    Prop Shaft Seal Leaking

    The Volvo shaft seal is about as reliable a dripless seal as you can get, but it looks like your shaft and seal have been greatly neglected. If your seal is leaking that much, you are going to have to replace it, and I wouldn't be surprised if the shaft was shot, too. I would certainly go back...
  15. Sandy Stone

    Replacing my Max Prop questions

    That is an older model MaxProp, like mine, which does not have an anode. It does look to be in rough shape, indicating that the shaft anodes were not adequately maintained. I don't understand the comment about poor performance in reverse, and no prop walk. My prop has crazy reverse thrust...
  16. Sandy Stone

    Honors at the prom!

    Yep, congrats!
  17. Sandy Stone

    Rusty Keel Bolt

    If your boat really does have an iron keel, then it left the factory with mild steel keelbolts for compatibility with the keel material. Are you sure the other bolts are stainless? FYI, these are actual bolts, that is, capscrews, inserted from inside the boat into tapped holes in the keel...
  18. Sandy Stone

    New sails coming - best of both worlds?

    Looks like cool stuff, and new sails are always good (slight understatement). I was curious about the graphic for your new main, though. It appears to show the point of max draft at 29% aft, which I thought was more typical for a headsail. For a main, isn't the point of max draft usually 45 -...
  19. Sandy Stone

    Room at the start?

    I agree with all the foregoing; I think a big part of the original intent was to allow a leeward boat to defend herself from being rolled over by a windward boat.
  20. Sandy Stone

    Room at the start?

    A minor point here, but it's important for all racers to be familiar with the rules - the limitation on the leeward boat not sailing above proper course only applies if she achieved her overlap on the windward boat from astern, and within two boat lengths laterally (which seems to be the case in...