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  1. Paul F

    33 Strut and Rudder

    The boat is pulled for a bottom job and to document the 33 prop shaft strut and the modified rudder - here are pictures of both parts which are normally under water. The strut was made by Dahmer Marine Hardware Company - Part Number H-33 (new part number 2005). It is still in their product...
  2. Paul F

    Warring Bad Exhaust Design

    As many of you know I have had my 1980 Hunter 33 for about 10 years now, running the 2QM15 Yanmar as an auxiliary. This last July I ran aground on sandy Three Rooker Island when Hurricane Bonnie took the water out of the intercoastal. I ran the engine trying to get off in very wind blown...
  3. Paul F

    Hunter 33 Head Engine Access

    This is a report on one of those - one thing leads to another projects. My exhaust elbow needed replacement, but as it could not be removed from the manifold. The manifold had to be removed. After removing the nuts holding the manifold to the engine it was apparent that the manifold would not...
  4. Paul F

    Missing link

    Phil, I got the 404 when surfing at the Cruising Sailors forum. when clicking the top left "Message Boards". Thanks for a great site.
  5. Paul F

    Unable to add an attachment?

    Adding a picture worked before on this new site. But, tonight 11/2/08 when I tried to add an attachment nothing happened. I am using Firefox. Is there a problem?
  6. Paul F

    Hot Water Alternative

    Seen a few posts on here about hot water heaters. Found this at the city marina fuel dock bathroom, a long way from shore. They installed this Ariston 4.0 Gallon water heater to solve the hot water problem for the bathroom. It looks like it may solve some boater hot water replacement or...
  7. Paul F

    Electric Fuel Pump for old 2QM15 Engine

    Last Tuesday after sailing back from Apollo Beach, I turned on the engine heading toward Clearwater Pass. It started fine but after running well for five minutes it stopped seemly starved for fuel. Made it in with a tow. Spent the last week changing out filters and bleeding the lines. No...
  8. Paul F

    Mixed Battery Upgrade?

    Need more amps, thinking of adding two 6 volt batteries to my existing 2 Group 27s and 1 starting battery. Eventually I would like to end up with 4 6 volt and a starting battery. The problem is the six year old Group 27s just will not die :-) The plan is to put the existing 2 Group 27s in...
  9. Paul F

    Winter project for North and South sailors alike

    I am always playing with maps. And found this new to me site for US Photo Maps (link below). It is mainly topo and road maping software (free of course). It uses Microsoft TerraServer info and appears to be GPS friendly. I am looking at it for Intercoastal mapping but it should work very...
  10. Paul F

    Hunter 33 improvements

    Like many of you I have made a few improvements to the old boat. I posted some of them in the improvement section for the older Hunter 33s. You may like to take a look at these changes. The best I believe is replacing the "rug" wall material with bamboo wood planking.
  11. Paul F

    2QM15 oil leak

    Today I found more than "usual" oil in the engine bilge after a long, for me, two hour engine run. It seems the engine below the flywheel is coated with oil. The dip-stick showed low but not at the bottom and seemed normal. Has anyone experienced an oil pan gasket leak or other oil leak...
  12. Paul F

    In the mast wiring access

    In reading through the posts it seems many sailors have cut an access to the mast wiring at the base of the mast. How does this affect the masts structural integrity? Also, does anyone have a good method of making this access for a Hunter 33.
  13. Paul F

    Foresail halyard failure

    Last weekend the foresail halyard failed when it tore on the U-shaped mast appendage. I have drawn a rough picture of the rigging to better explain the failure. It is easy to see how the halyard could wear and break. There is a timely artical in this months Sail mag. on how to rerig the...
  14. Paul F

    Keeping a handheld gps connected to 12v power

    The handheld gps is mounted on the steering pedestal in a good position. The problem is keeping a good connection to the 12v battery power. The connection is made by two small metal strips which touch the back of the gps, a magellan meridian. Has anyone found a method of keeping a good...
  15. Paul F

    12 v coffee makers

    Normally use 12 volt appliances whenever possible - any thoughts on coffee makers? Seems easier to plug in a coffee maker than start a fire and perk coffee - comments:
  16. Paul F

    A broken Stern Tube can sink the boat

    Motoring in the channel after a day of sailing, about a mile and a half from the marina, the bilge pump came on and stayed on. I was sailing alone; I jumped below and found the engine compartment full of water. Felt for the engine raw water intake value now under water and shut it. Returning...
  17. Paul F

    Unused thru hulls - knot meter sending unit

    Like many sailors I have gone with a gps instead of the existing in water knot meter. This leaves the thru-hull with a plastic blank insert. The plastic insert is fairly thin and you know "plastic". What do you think? Should I forget it or find something better to replace the insert?
  18. Paul F

    Solo - sailing anchor retrieval?

    Today was my semi-annual day to scrape the barnacles from the prop and bottom. found a knot and a-half to two knots with the clean-up. But, when the wind came up I had an awlful time tring to be at both ends of the boat at the same time. To run the motor up to the anchor and to pull the...
  19. Paul F

    Water Pump pulley wear?

    I have had this boat for about three and a half years - In the last six months the water pump pulley has twice worn the shaft-hole flat slots off. This turns the shaft hole round making the pulley useless. The pulley then slips on the shaft stopping the water pump. Are there any solution?
  20. Paul F

    Heave to on a 33

    Out on a great day today. I have tried the last few times out today included to heave the boat over for lunch or a swim. I have tried to back fill the genny without success. Today I just reelled it in and used the main off center and wheel hard over. Not very windy today. The manoeuver...