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  1. Whatfiero1

    Motor opinion

    If u can find a honda 2.3 extra long shaft that's a great little dependable motor
  2. Whatfiero1

    topping lift load rating

    5/16" static double brade is good for like 1500 lbs.
  3. Whatfiero1

    Does this boat exist?

    Melges 24 would be my choice
  4. Whatfiero1

    1978 Hunter 30 throttle/shifter cables

    One quick fix before you replace cable. Cut a corner out a ziploc bag and tape bare. End cable fill with oil and let run down cable to tranny then. Put back together should shift smoothly to get thru season
  5. Whatfiero1

    Hunter 23.5 forestay/pulpit damage

    In a case like this u need to feel comfortable with repair find a good rigger or fiberglass repair shop to get an estimate and marina to quote install new LED bow light. Then get fixed right at powerboats expense from repatable company with a lifetime warranty
  6. Whatfiero1

    1992 Hunter 33.5 Folding Wheel?

    I'd go folding if I could find a used one less than $800
  7. Whatfiero1

    engine will not remain running when shift into gear

    Yea spin your shaft to make sure everything unstuck. Then easy into gear then ease into reverse to make sure tranny not stuck.
  8. Whatfiero1

    1-1/2" black water valves

    Those are Marlon "Y" valves. West marine sells the white plastic jabsco brand. Check
  9. Whatfiero1

    Hard to raise mainsail

    U could go up there pull cap off top mast and maybe twist untwist straighten haylards try loosen others to see if they move about when raising main
  10. Whatfiero1

    Debating motors

    The Honda 2.3. Light. And the most dependable little motor ever. Bad gas old gas I honestly believe it will run on no gas one less thing to worry about
  11. Whatfiero1

    Topping Lift

    The 23.5 came with a short tang that hangs off the back stay if you pull the line at the boom it raises and lowers boom a little so u can pull sail up and release it to go sailing
  12. Whatfiero1

    Shape of fin keel

    Sporty that's the shole draft keel
  13. Whatfiero1

    LP pump on Yanmar 2GM20F

    Check tank vent and back blow screen on pickup tube at tank before tackling hp pump. Also injectors are popit injectors and usually go bad before pressure pump
  14. Whatfiero1

    Uh oh! Recore foredeck

    Last one I did I installed ripped aluminum sheet to give extra strength then used closed cell spray foam and dead jacked ceiling back in. foam made a mess thou
  15. Whatfiero1

    Standing on the spreaders

    The isomat of the 90's era. Had floating spreaders where there's no support at ends but standing at mast attach is fine
  16. Whatfiero1

    Mast raising options?

    Attach jib haylard to bow put on a winch and winch with your foot while holding and pushing up on mast
  17. Whatfiero1

    How to tell when one needs new sails

    New sails are always nice. If your asking this question there probably done. Somethings you can do to get thru season because usually sails are cheaper to buy in winter is. Add a Cunningham if you don't have one. Pull mainsail up tight on winch then give it a ton Cunningham forward and down to...
  18. Whatfiero1

    1990 Hunter 30-2 Lazarette Limber Holes?

    Water can drain to the bilge from aft laserette
  19. Whatfiero1

    High Seas Home Depot

    Take a magnet into hardware store if u plan on buying fasteners. Good grade stainless is not magnetic
  20. Whatfiero1

    What is the Weirdest Thing You Have Ever Found on a Boat

    You here again this is the third time this has been fixed