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    Hope you guys in Texas are doing ok .

    All hurricanes are dangerous. Let us know.
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    Shake down sail 2020.

    I love to hear from you guys in Maine. What a fine trip. Peace and quiet is wonderful..
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    Happy Father's Day

    Awesome. We want some pie.
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    Four glorious days in the Lake Erie Islands!

    Outstanding. Sounds like a lot of fun.
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    To all our friends in Maine

    How are you doing ? Normally you would be getting ready to launch. Is anyone moving around? My friends have a home in Tenants Harbor. They are thinking of skipping coming up this year. Depressing to me. Give us some good news.
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    Can you read the signs?

    JS. Great post. I love Panbo, I let them do the research. I think we are all guilty of only using radar at night and bad weather. I’ve not encountered the fishing net AIS yet. Maybe they need to be identified different than a ship. My biggest issue is that not all boats have AIS. We should all...
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    Anyone who doesn't post a photo today, will be barred from SBO.

    sailing to Ocracoke last summer
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    I am floored

    Please share your pictures.
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    Offshore sailing from Chesapeake bay to St. Thomas in winter

    Agree. “RIP”. Jon Eisberg was one of a kind. He could put you “there” with his writings. I still have a file for Bahamas anchorages.
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    Boat delivery from New England to Virginia

    Why do the bay at night? Take your time, it’s safer.
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    New adventure, new boat

    Fantastic... I love those 80s boats. Look at all that room. There will be room on the rail for the grill.
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    Navonics App, AIS & WiFi GPS

    You can’t have too many gadgets. I like redundancy. I’ve been using a mil tech marine 161 for more than 10 years. Simple and works great. Want to upgrade to the Vesper 8000 that will talk to Garmen and iPad. Also looking at yakbitz . Links Seatalk to everything else. Are any of you reading...
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    I “discovered” a new sealant - polyether

    I would try this. I’m looking for led cabin reading lights. Not $60+.
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    Wednesday IS photoday!!!

    Really good to see all you guys back after a long winter. We sailed to Ocracoke in May and spent a week. A great time not crowded yet. Enjoy your summer.
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    Spring Preparation

    Tom, just when I think you guys in Maine sure are quite. Another outstanding job.
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    Seeking recommended short trip plan Chesapeake from Deale to Norfolk

    The best part, “there’s not much there”. Love the Eastern shore.
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    The tougher the driving, the better the cruising.

    Nice pics Tom. Thanks for sharing. “Pothole Regulated” that’s funny. You guys are ready to go. I spent a few day this week doing varnish. Will haul out soon , paint the bottom and install a new depth transducer.
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    Daytona, Fla to Baltimore, Md

    Take time to learn a new boat. How much offshore experience do you have? Good luck. Have fun.
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    Don't know where Weds is photo day went, but here's an old one

    Nat, Give us an update. Is she still on a tug? I know you are proud. Most of the group here has accumulated “lots”of memories.