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    Rich Fox, our Association's Editor for the C-22's MainBrace publication is wanting to run an article on the various mast raising techniques used out there on the C-22. Mast Raising Techniques - In the Catalina 22 May MainBrace, I am going to feature a couple of mast raising techniques. I am...
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    C-22 Association Web Site Down

    You'll see this notice when you go to the C-22 Association web site: is down for maintenance. We expect to be back online on Tuesday 2/14/2017. Please check back then. Some real nice things will be coming soon to the C-22 Association's web site. Some you will see, many others...
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    The C-22 Community Mourns the loss of Beattie Purcell

    Just received some sad news. Beattie Purcell has passed away. For some of you that are not familiar with the history of the C-22, Beattie worked for Frank Butler right from the beginning in the early years of Catalina Yachts. When the demand for the C-22 became so great, Frank sent Beattie east...
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    White Christmas!

    Here's my idea of a White Christmas. The photo was taken during the fleets overnight beaching at Crooked Island during the 2016 fall C-22 cruise. Don't forget to start planning for the C-22 Nationals at Lake Worth Texas, and this will be the year of the 20th annual North Gulf Coast Cruise...
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    The new Catalina 22 Technical Manual Update 2017 is now available at: Over 100 pages have been added to the monstrous C-22 Tech Manual. The latest addition also includes information on the New Design, MK-II and Sport versions. The Tech Manual Update 2017 requires C22 NSA...
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    The new Catalina 22 Technical Manual Update 2017 is now available at: Over 100 pages have been added to the monstrous C-22 Tech Manual. The latest addition also includes information on the New Design, MK-II and Sport versions. The Tech Manual Update 2017...
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    Tohatsu/Nissan/Mercury Friction Lock Up-Grade

    If you'll look in my albums under my profile, I have added photos and a description on how I corrected the friction lock issue on my Tohatsu Sail-Pro. I can tell you the modification I came up to correct the ineffective steering friction lock issue on my new Tohatsu 6 HP Sail-Pro has been very...
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    Photos from the Fall C-22 Cruise Part-2

    Here are some additional photos from the fall C-22 Cruise. Don
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    Photos from the Fall C-22 Cruise Part-1

    Here are some photos from the fall C-22 cruise from Panama City to Apalachicola and back. Almost half of the fleet started in Milton FL. about 3 days from Panama City. We ended up putting 118 miles under our keel over 8 days. Don
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    NOV-DEC MainBrace is out

    The November/December issue of the MainBrace is out. Check it out: Don
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    2018 C-22 NATIONALS

    OK C-22 Fleets, it's already time to start thinking about the 2018 C-22 Nationals which also includes our annual Association meeting. The 2018 C-22 Nationals move out west again, so Fleets out west in Regions 9 and 10 need to start thinking about submitting a bid. We really need a bid...
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    C-22 Gulf Coast Fall Cruise Oct. 22-29

    MAN! We need another cruise! Well, thanks to the folks with C-22 Fleet-77 there will be a fall cruise, AKA "HOOLIGAN'S MEANDERING HONKY TONK CRUISE", October 22-29, departing Panama City Florida and heading east to Apalachicola Florida and returning (hopefully, maybe??). Got my boat all...
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    C-22 Great Lakes Cruise Blog

    Today we head out on another adventure we've followed for years in the MainBrace, the annual C-22 Great Lakes Cruise. I've decided to use the forum section on the C-22 National Association web site as my blog for our Great Lakes adventures. You can follow along as we rinse the salt off our keel...
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    Heading North to the C-22 Great Lakes Cruise

    The boat is packed and ready for the long drive north to Lake Charlevoix, Michigan for the start of the annual C-22 Great Lakes Cruise. I finished the little modification to install a Yeti Tundra 35 cooler to replace the factory cooler/step. As you can see I had to move the teak retaining bar...
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    Check it out, it's free to download your own copy: Gene, there is an article I wrote concerning a fix for the friction brake issue on the new Tohatsu's that we've experienced. So far it's a winner. We motored for about 4 hours yesterday and the motor never budged...
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    2016 C-22 North Gulf Coast Cruise

    What a great 3 weeks it's been! We first attended the 19th annual C-22 North Gulf Coast Cruise a couple weeks ago. We had 21 boats participate in the cruise this year. During the week after the NGCC and the C-22 Nationals we spent some time sightseeing around the area. We cruised past Ft...
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    1989 C-22 Wing Keeled New Design

    I posted on the C-22 Owners Page on Facebook some photos and my observations on a new design C-22 I saw last week while in Beaufort S.C. that is for sale. If someone is interested, it might be worth checking out I think. It's located at the Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club. Don
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    2016 Annual Great Lakes C-22 Cruise

    If you have never been on a group cruise with your boat, you don't know what you've been missing! Maybe you live too far away to make the North Gulf Coast Cruise in Florida, well, this just might be closer, and being in the fresh sweet waters of the Great Lakes, you won't have to worry about...
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    Facebook C-22 Racing and Regattas

    We have plenty of information on repairing our beloved C-22, but how about racing? Many of us are also on Facebook, and I thought this would be a good way to get those involved, or interested in C-22 racing together to exchange some information, pose questions, or maybe throw around some...
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    Just hit the streets, the 2016 March/April issue of the MainBrace: Lot's of stuff going on for another busy year! Don