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  1. Alansails

    Handle sticks

    On my friends Capri 26 he states his handle sticks pushing down to flush, I told him make sure he is pumped out! but than I thought about head lube for him, using mineral oil, I have not seen it. My thought also went to clogged vent loop, boat pretty much sat out all last season and he is a new...
  2. Alansails

    Good Read!

    Our son and I exchange books and I have read Joshua Slocums Book, Our son gave me to read: "Log of the Centurion" by Leo Heaps Based on the original papers of Captain Philip Saumarez on board HMS Centurion, Lord Ansons flagship during his circumnavigation 1740-1744. This is based on his daily...
  3. Alansails

    Stanchion Leak

    My wife has discovered a small drip on the starboard side probably coming from the stanchion just above the lazarette storage compartment, I have looked and some boats are through bolted with a backer plate. I cannot tell how this was done. Does anyone know if the stanchion is screwed in or...
  4. Alansails

    Catalina 310 shirts

    In case anyone is interested this guy makes Catalina 310 shirts-L/S and S/S We are not a promoter but we have ordered from him in the past- He will put your boat name on the shirts also...
  5. Alansails

    Smart Plug- Yea or Nay

    I have been thinking about upgrading to a smart plug-with the new plug in the boat and cutting the head off the 30 A twist and lock and putting the new connecter - smart plug on .. Thoughts?
  6. Alansails

    Privacy Curtain

    We have put our boat up for the winter :( and we have brought home the privacy curtain, has anyone cleaned it and if so what did you use? Much Thanks
  7. Alansails

    Uric Scale

    Peggy, any suggestions about getting rid of uric scale on the bottom of the head? We are in fresh water and also have used KO and CP exclusively for years! Thanks
  8. Alansails

    uric scale

    Peggy, Any suggestions about getting rid of uric scale on the bottom inside of our Jabsco head? We are in freshwater and KO,CP exclusively.
  9. Alansails

    MainSheet Magazine

    To support all Catalina owners and including 310 Owners, MainSheet magazine Goes out quarterly to subscribers. I wanted to be sure to let everyone know that you/anyone can submit an article, be it a description of your buying a new (To You) Boat, a trip, an experience sailing or a journey. You...
  10. Alansails

    Technical Data

    Not my area I know, I am intruding on Jesse's space, but was looking through our 310/315 IA web site and went to the links setting and found old tech articles that might help someone. If you are bored or have not launched yet-like us-you might check it out.
  11. Alansails

    Happy Holidays

    Eileen and I want to wish everyone A Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe 2019. Wherever you are are, Fair Winds and Following Seas, Sincerely,
  12. Alansails

    Best Modification to your Boat

    I know we are still in sailing season but I wanted to throw this topic out! At this point we have done more than one Best Modification! 1st would be the Access Hatch from the head into the port side lazarette 2nd would be putting a spring hold open latch onto the dry storage hatch in the galley...
  13. Alansails

    Christmas and New year Greetings and ..Wish

    Eileen and I want to wish everyone A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year With Fair Winds and Following Seas. And If I had one wish- I would wish for my Father to be sailing with me at least once-He passed away 20 years ago and never got the opportunity. Do you have a wish? it could be anything to...
  14. Alansails

    Lewmar center hatch

    Since this is about the end of our season up north, it is always exciting when you go to the boat and what worked last trip decides NOT to work NOW. Our Lewmar center hatch over the table area has decided NOT to stay open and the only way it will is when we put a coozie in to hold it up!! Any...
  15. Alansails

    Those in Texas/Hurricane Harvey

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to those in the Area where Harvey will cause destruction-Please take guidance from Safety Personnal about evacuation etc. No ones life is worth it to risk riding out a storm just for excitement-too many other lives are put at risk to try to save you. Stay Dry
  16. Alansails

    Heat Exchanger???

    Due to the question of anti-freeze in the sump underneath the engine, we had one mechanic say that there was a bracket missing to the heat exchanger and he pressurized it and found there was a small leak causing the anti freeze to go there. Solution:"replace the heat exchanger-total time 8 hrs...
  17. Alansails

    310/315 Owners

    Just a reminder, as I almost forgot, to write your check to the Catalina 310/315 owners group for your membership/Renewal, the great thing about joining is it supports all of us, you get Mainsheet Magazine, you get a discount for joining BOATUS and You also get the deep discount if you join for...
  18. Alansails

    Anti freeze question

    Upon getting the boat off the hard, it was winterized and de-winterized by the marina, prior to leaving we always do "Checks", upon doing so we found in the bilge area underneath the engine-which drains nowhere, we found about a pint or so of anti freeze. with NONE in the overflow bottle. It...
  19. Alansails

    Catalina Yachts group Change- 315 joining the 310

    Catalina Yachts has made a decision to add the Catalina 315 to the 310 IA, This has been an ongoing process and we are sure the deceision will mutually benefit all of us. Our Secretary/Treasurer Curt Sawyer has been working diligently in conjunction with Catalina Yachts to put the logistics...
  20. Alansails

    Spring Projects?

    I can almost feel launch..,,.,I can tell because its lighter outside 15 minutes longer, so we are about 80 days to launch, so our project this spring is to install the Oberdorfer pump we bought and of course wax and touch up the bottom paint. So what projects are on your list.....?