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  1. fritz3000g

    6000 lb tow vehicle

    I'm looking to buy a boat in the next couple years and will need to upgrade to a vehicle with tow capacity of 6000 lbs for a couple of extended trips per year. My primary concerns are price (<10k), fuel economy (20+ mpg combined, so <3.5L engine), and reliability (10 years of life and <$8k in...
  2. fritz3000g

    Chrysler vs. Seaward

    I've been looking for a "heavy" but easily-trailerable ~26 ft boat for the Great Lakes and the Caribbean. I've been most impressed by the Chrysler 26 because it's got both internal ballast (basically a shoal keel) and a swing keel which add up to 2000 lbs, though the Catalina 25, San Juan...
  3. fritz3000g

    Floatation of wet foam

    Hi all, I didn't get a response on another forum and wondered if you smart folks know. Is there anywhere that I can find an estimate for the water displacement / flotation capacity of waterlogged closed and open cell foam? I'm wondering how much additional flotation (read new space) I could...
  4. fritz3000g

    PVC Furler

    On the Mods page there's the following DIY PVC furler. I've messaged the poster, and he/she hasn't responded. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether something like this is feasible? As an FYI, I'm unlikely to...
  5. fritz3000g

    Teak in Mac25?

    Hi there, Does anyone know whether the companionway slats, the hatch sliders, the hull-to-deck joint cover, or the table trim on a Mac25 are Teak or something else? If something else, what are they? Mine look pretty awful, and I'm wondering if it's worth the bleaching regimen that folks...
  6. fritz3000g

    Buy Tiller Pilot

    I'm thinking of buying an old Autohelm tiller pilot for a really good price. My question is - if it has issues and doesn't work quite right - can it be fixed? Are these repairable devices, or chuck-and-buy-a-new-one devices?
  7. fritz3000g

    Super Cheap Yachting

    I've been reading lots of articles on affordable cruising which seem to suggest that $15,000 is an "affordable" amount to spend getting out on the water. However, that's not affordable for me. I have a $100 monthly budget which includes meals out, clothes, etc... along with any hobbies...