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  1. AwwShucks

    Lewmar Main Sail Car

    Quick question for the group - I have the original Lewmar car for my self-furling main where the rubber support under the pulley has disintegrated. As it doesn’t appear to be a part that I can replace I was wondering what the community thinks about continuing to use as is or potentially...
  2. AwwShucks

    Toilet Issue

    I am having a bit of a problem with the toilet, notably when heeling more than 5• the toilet bowl starts to fill up with waste. I am guessing that a back check valve / seal has gone bad, but have no idea where to start investigating. Any thoughts / links to “how to” sites are appreciated.
  3. AwwShucks

    Catalina 310 Fairlee Creek Meetup this year?

    I just saw the 2012 Fairlee Creek meetup photo on the daily email and was wondering if any of the Cat 310 owners in that area would be interested in coordinating a meetup for this season?
  4. AwwShucks

    How much antifreeze for wintering the engine?

    I have the standard engine on the Cat 310 and was wondering how much antifreeze others use for winterizing? The person that I bought the boat from gave me a rule of thumb guide, “have someone watch the exhaust area, when the pink starts coming out put another half gallon through and you are...
  5. AwwShucks

    Small ding at water line on transomThanks.

    So I put a little ding on the transom at the water line from backing up a bit too fast. (Forgot to take a picture this weekend - the area is below right side of ladder) It appears that there is a split between the transom area and the hull and I am wondering what I should do as a fix. Is...
  6. AwwShucks

    Oil Change

    Just wondering how often folks change the engine oil? I had mine changed last season when I had some other work done. I put about 15 hours on the engine since the last change, but spoke with another sailor in Marina that says he does his yearly due to prevent potential sludging issues from...
  7. AwwShucks

    Hull cleaning

    So I was trying to dock alongside a pier at a local marina where I am getting some work done and the spot that they had open was extremely tight and there was a 10knot wind coming across the beam. As I brought it in my bumpers were not low enough so I marked up the hull with their dock bumper...
  8. AwwShucks

    Ray marine Analog W/S/D integration

    First off - new to the forum - this is a great resource that I wish I had found when I purchased my boat last spring. Question for the community about integrating the legacy Raymarine Wind, Speed and Depth sensors from the 2002 outfitting of the boat into B&G chartplotter. (Undecided...