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    Replace old bladder waste holding tank on 1980 H30

    Hi all... I posted this on the Hunter forum and did not get any responses... Might be no one has experience with this specifically on a Hunter so I thought I would post it in this forum as well.... Sorry for the redundancy, but am hoping for some input/information before I start to tackle...
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    Replace a bladder waste tank on a 1980 H30

    I need to replace an old bladder waste holding tank on my 1980 H30. Currently the bladder is under the port side V-berth. I would like to replace it with a solid tank, if at all possible. We do not need a very large one as it is mostly myself and occasional overnight guests and we pretty much...
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    Cleaning cabin floor

    I purchased a 1980 Hunter 30 this past fall. Am very excited about it and am anxious to get on board and start some projects. It has been bitter cold up here so I have not been able to do much on her yet as she is in a yard about an hour from me.... One of the first project I need to do is a...
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    1980 Hunter 30

    Am looking at a 1980 Hunter 30. In pretty good shape but has been dry for the last 2 years or more due to owners health. Dealer tells me the engine has low compression but they put some stuff in it and it seems ok. Hull looks good but they have just replaced the propeller shaft and bracket...
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    1980 Pearson 30