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    Hunter 22 Mast Raising from Trailer Single Handed

    I think I’ve read every post there is on how to raise/lower mast. I figured out a method to meet my requirements. Single Hand From Trailer Safe in “windy” conditions Simple ----------------------------------------------- Photo 1: On the Hunter 22 the mast is stepped on the keel. That...
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    Bimini practical for a Hunter 22 ? ?

    I have a Hunter 22, 2013 model with the open transom and long cockpit. Would it be practical to install a Bimini Top of of some sort so I can get some break from the sun? Is it possible to rig one that is not constantly in the way and interfering with sailing the boat?
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    how to secure back of boat to the trailer ? ? ?

    I bought a Hunter 22 - with open transom. In other words - no transom. How should i secure it to the trailer? The trailer is Load Rite (came w/ boat) full length sailboat trailer.
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    Hunter 22 how to rig sheets for single-handing ? ? H216 H22

    I bought a H22, 2013 model that is completely stock - no mods. i want to rig the headsail sheets - furling genoa and an asymmetrical spinnaker for single handing. how exactly, should i route the sheets to be accessible from back near the tiller?? thanks for your help
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    How do you secure your boom while trailering on the highway?

    The method I inherited from previous owner didn't work :yikes: Disappeared on the trip to the lake. Hunter 22 with open transom didn't help.
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    Hunter 22 - What Size Outboard?

    I have a 2013 Hunter 22. I has 4 hp Yamaha outboard. It moves the boat along fairly well but I am wondering if a larger outboard would make much difference in speed. The max hp for this boat is listed as 10 hp. Would a bigger engine just be limited by hull speed and hence not be much faster...
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    Hunter 22 Sink Proof?

    I just bought a 2013 Hunter 22. Has the open transom. Is this boat "supposed" to be sink-proof?
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    Hunter 22 Swing Keel Questions

    I recently purchased a 2013 model Marlow-Hunter 22 with hydraulic swing keel. 1. Is it possible to remove the entire swing keel system from above? It looks to me like the entire frame is secured with bolts that protrude down through the frame and into the space below deck. Can one remove...