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    Boat For The Grandkids

    My grandkids are at the age (10 - 14) where I’d like to introduce them to sailing. I’m located in the Atlanta GA area and find that there’s not a lot of boats to chose from. I learned to sail on a Laser and have a slight bias in that direction. I’d ideally like to spend less than $2500 on a...
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    Questions about a new 350

    I would like to put air conditioning and an anchor wash down pump on my new 350. Where would you suggest locating the thru hulls for each? Thanks.
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    Air Conditioning in a Catalina 350

    I'm going to take delivery of a new C350 next month and have been investigating air conditioning. I've decided on a Mermaid 16,000 BTU unit. Some of you have been kind enough to answer questions via email but I have a few more and hope to utilize the collective experience of forum members. -...