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  1. Bill Roosa

    Sailing in the Puget Sound

    Hey folks, The Admiral and I ar moving to Washington state and I'm wondering about sailing in the sound. How long is the sailing season, are there a lot of gunkholing destinations, do th strong currents cause scheduling issues and anything youall would like to opine on that would be of interest...
  2. Bill Roosa

    CNG to propane conversion

    Well CNG just became too much trouble to use so I converted to propane. I reused the CNG regulator and mounted the tank off the stern. after adjusting the regulator pressure (the big gray one, you don't need the smaller one BTW) and installing a propane quick connect fitting the stove/oven...
  3. Bill Roosa

    Active solar tracking

    Hey all Got an idea a while back to increase my solar collection capability. I did not want to cover the decks with panels so mounting them on a pole off the stern like a radar antenna comes to mind. This led to the idea of using an active 2-axis sun tracker to maximize collection (or...
  4. Bill Roosa

    Good news, LightSquared interferes with GPS

    This had a lot of folks worried. Seems like they will not be able to launch theri system after all Washington Post January 18, 2012 Pg. 14 Another Test Shows LightSquared System Interferes With GPS Reston company to announce business plans following report By Cecilia Kang Federal regulators...
  5. Bill Roosa

    Moving to Hawaii

  6. Bill Roosa

    Bimini Top and curtians for 40.5

    Hey everybody Been working on a new bimini for my boat. I promised a BOM to several of you and here are the picts. Unfrotunatly the curves on the ends are not something I can fugure out how to relate without a template. If you need one I can generate them and mail to you. email is...
  7. Bill Roosa

    Solar panel recess dranage

    Hey guys, the solar panel on my 40.5 Legend is always filling up with water. I have the old one piece cover that goes from the travler to forward of the big skylight. There does not appear to be any way for the water to drain out that I can see. I know that the newer 40.5 have two piece...
  8. Bill Roosa

    GPS freqs at risk by LightSquared Inc

    Apperantly in our rush to ipod, andorid and G5 technology we forgot that there is a limit to how closely you can stack the frequencies together and still get everything to work. LightSquared is setting up a ground based high power next gen link for all you folks that are using your PDAs while...
  9. Bill Roosa

    Got a hole in me keel

    Scraping the bottom to day and found two holes just above the keel bulb on the fin about 4" from the back edge. One hole on each side. They where both plugged with polysulfate compound and drain the fin aft section. The fin aft section was full of water which clearly had been in there a...
  10. Bill Roosa

    Marinas near mouth of Patomac R. on South side

    Hey everyone. I'm looking to change marinas and need some advice on good marinas on the south side of the Potomac R. near the mouth. I draw 4' 10"
  11. Bill Roosa

    Battery state of charge by measuring voltage

    Who says you can't tell the battery State of Charge (SOC) by looking at the voltage? All you need to know is the total AH capacity and the rate of discharge/charge. Use the following formula to calculate the "C rate" and then use the chart in the link to determine SOC C rate (C/xx) = Battery...
  12. Bill Roosa

    Sailing on anchor

    I was reading "Storm Tactics" and got the wild idea that I could stop Bardi Sea from sailing on her anchor by using a bridal similar to the bridal used for a sea anchor. I'm going to test it out this weekend For the record I've tried riding sails, stern anchors, moving where the rode comes on...
  13. Bill Roosa

    Best first mate

    I'll bet that I have the best first mate in the group. Bev bakes oatmeal cookies while under way. Nothing better than oatmeal cookie smell coming from the galley while you helm the boat. Anybody got one to top that?
  14. Bill Roosa

    Super cheap battery monitor

    Hey folks I'm working on building a super cheap ($50) battery monitor and need some info as I'm thinking I could turn this into a business. My assumptons are: You already have volts and amp meters. You do not need AH displayed but would like to know the state of charge of your battery banks...
  15. Bill Roosa

    Cost of CNG refill

    I'd like to know what other folks are paying for CNG refills. I paid $75 for two bottles delivered to the boat once. Tacked on a $10 "high gas price" tax to boot!!!. I made an adapter that connects to the bottle and the quick connect at the gas station and filled up (3200 psi BTW) for $1.67...
  16. Bill Roosa

    Veterans roll call please

    Just interested in who we have out there. I'm an Army Reservist 1986 to present. Special Forces Major Desert Storm/Shield Op Iraqi Freedom Currently working at the Pentagon J68 as a dirty nasty contractor
  17. Bill Roosa

    Anybody need C-Map cartriges??

    I have 2 big ones and one small. Big ones are about 1" x 3" with pc board connector on the short end. The small one is a card about 0.75"x1" I have no idea what the going price is so make an offer. Bill
  18. Bill Roosa

    boat computer interfaces What would you want?

    Hi all I got a bug to build a boat computer for possible commercial sales and was wondering what instrument systems are out there that you all would like/need it to interact with. This is similar to a post recently on diskless computers. NMEA and SeaTalk are two that I know are very common...
  19. Bill Roosa

    Deck fills for a 40.5

    I lost one of my water tank deck fill caps. Does anybody know the manufacturer that hunter used on their 94 Hunter 40.5? I went to perko but did not see anything that looks similar. I have the type that does not take a deck key but has a swing up handle.
  20. Bill Roosa

    Anybody ever use the DSC radio function?

    Hi Everybody I've been hearing about DSC on the newer radios and was wondering if anybody has actually used the stuff and what you think about it?