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  1. Bill Roosa

    Okay, I'm Officially Stumped.

    Well not at all sure what is "wrong" as you did not ask a question in your first post but the diagram has the starter connected to the 3-way. the 3-way common should be the primary source of power for all boat systems and the two battery banks are wired to the 3-way terminals 1 and 2...
  2. Bill Roosa

    Fuel Solenoid Replacement

    Your welcome Mechanics need broken boats to have very expensive and easy to replace items to put their kids through college ;-). A $3.00 relay that is really an auto relay fits that bill. Tell the customer the solenoid is always on so of course that means the solenoid is bad not the switch...
  3. Bill Roosa

    How to wire this AC panel ?

    MS is of course correct. Been rewiring my new house and forgot about the neutral and ground (on boats) only get connected of the soruce of power is also on the boat. If you are getting shore power at the dock that connection is made on the shore side at the meter box on shore. Which brings...
  4. Bill Roosa

    Fuel Solenoid Replacement

    Fuel solenoid????? There is a shut off solenoid that replaces the (the horror) manual engine shut off cable and knob. It should be controlled from the helm by the "stop engine" button and a 12 volt relay. If the solenoid is "getting warm" then it is "on" and trying to turn off the engine fuel...
  5. Bill Roosa

    House Batteries Question

    A larger (start converted to deep cycle) house bank also has advantages in both charging and longevity as the resulting bigger Ah bank does not get discharged as deeply (all other things being equal) FWIW
  6. Bill Roosa

    House Batteries Question

    start vs house. A starter is not nearly as hard on a battery as a long hair with a 1000W blow dryer. With a 50 HP engine the starter is rated at around 50 amps. Cold start cranking of 10 seconds (a loooong crank) means 50A*10sec*1 hour/3600sec=(a wopping)0.14 Ah A 1000W hair dryer draws...
  7. Bill Roosa

    How to wire this AC panel ?

    AND the second breaker has a "GFI protected" sticker on it. What ever it connected to, AC outlets I hope, will have the GFI outlet that all the other AC outlets are daisy chained off of.
  8. Bill Roosa

    How to wire this AC panel ?

    Clearly the PO did not care about getting the wire colors correct. Should be black (hot don't touch when energized), white (neutral, grounded after the panel breaker) and Green/bare copper (safety ground at the ground buss). Thinking you actual want 12-2 as that has the three wire 120 volt...
  9. Bill Roosa

    Electronics with Pos, Neg and Drain wires

    SeaTalk (NEMA 2000) supplies power to all the units from the network cabling so not sure what devices you would be powering AND connecting to the network. This is an electrical noise shilding issue not really an RF noise being produced by the cables one. Just grounding it with a small diameter...
  10. Bill Roosa

    MOB procedures....

    I have a light cord from the ladder bottom (top when stowed) to the hand rail just above the waterline. Pull the cord and the ladder comes down and watch your head. On the topic of going overboard while sailing solo......don't do that to the max extent possible ;-). If you are above deck...
  11. Bill Roosa

    Mast wiring color code?

    The only way to be sure is to fire up the steaming light and grab your volt meter. measure volts from green/white to black/ground to confirm which is the steaming light. The other must be the anchor light.
  12. Bill Roosa

    Collision today

    Curious here, how many of you do not monitor Channel 16 while underway? Since my VHF has weather alert I want to know that as soon as possible and if I need to make a call (to some idiot like the power boat) I don't want to be fiddling with the knobs so I leave it on 16 or scan the club channels...
  13. Bill Roosa

    Collision today

    On or off, if you had it available and it could have been used to avoid the accident you are liable for not availing yourself of all AVAILABLE safety equipment. That is regardless of wither you are required to have it or not. In the former you would also me liable for not having the required...
  14. Bill Roosa

    Autohelm/Tillerpilot question...

    AP also has to "learn" the sea/wind state. takes about 5 minutes to complete the learning process. Sailing close hauled is kinda problematical for learning as when you change POS even slightly it messes with boat speed, trim, ..... so the AP is trying to learn a changing situation which it...
  15. Bill Roosa

    Watchkeeping Requirements - VHF and Radar

    Certain lengths/weights of boats are required to have certain safety equipment. If you did not have that and are required to then you are negligent even if it would not have help avoid/prevent an accident. "Failure to have required safety equipment" If you are not required to have that piece of...
  16. Bill Roosa

    Tachometer stuck at 2500

    yea, it is getting a signal from some where it is not supposed to. Think some source of AC voltage other than the alternator/sensor unit. The tach reads an alternating current's frequency so the voltage is not that important. Battery chargers and inverters are good examples. they have...
  17. Bill Roosa

    how flat do you sail your hunter ?

    oops, typo. that last line should say "...only 15 degrees."
  18. Bill Roosa

    how flat do you sail your hunter ?

    I'm with jackdraw. heeling the boat involves keel, rudder and sails. You can't "just heel the keel" so you need to take the other two into consideration also. The keel, rudder and sails all operate best when 90 degrees to the water surface (0 degrees heel.) That can't happen in a sail...
  19. Bill Roosa

    Cooking Fuel Flexibility

    They have a liquid crystal strip that can be attached to the side of the tank for telling its fill level. works like a mood ring changing color at the liquid/gas level. Works when you are withdrawing gas from the tank and cooling the liquid. Does not work if you have not used any gas for a...
  20. Bill Roosa

    Three blade vs. two blade

    It is a SAIL BOAT. so the only time you need to actually get to be under power is on a no wind (waves flat?) Sunday when you need to get home or when you have a sail malfunction of some sort converting it into a motor boat and have to get to a safe harbor to fix it or to enter a marina...