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    Hello again Regarding surveys... How does this is usually done? Do you split the cost with the boat owner, what are the options there? C
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    Cape Dory 27 sailors

    Need feedback on that diesel 8 hp diesel that came as part of the original package deal. In your opinion is it enough to maneuver such boat... Thx in advance C
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    Dominican Republic

    Any info regarding safe areas there for cruising? Thx
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    Brownsville TX area sailing...

    Hi again... I got a good response from a member regarding that area, but I need more so I can expand my knowledge and make a decision. Would like to cross to Mexico while there. Any feedback? SV Jenny Gaviota
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    Liveabords/cruisers, Brownsville TX area

    Any liveabords /cruisers in the Brownsville TX area? If so, can you offer any advise, share knowledge of the area on both sides of the fence?... I'm considering cruising the area soon and need some previous "scouts" knowledge. Thx
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    Corona virus

    Hi Anyone has news/ or idea of whats going on in tbe Florida Keys regarding the darn virus? I mean can a person sail down there to weather it out while things get back to what use to be normal after 9/11?
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    Hi guys... So is it the norm or the accepted mantra 100 watts solar panel? Its a small 24 Bristol, and not all the appliances are gonna be on at the same time(2 battery banks)... What says you?
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    Any with knowledge or have any experience with this AMAZON PAMICO 400W wind system?
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    Hi Im in the process to rig this gadget on the mast but this company customer service is not too helpful... They jyst referred you to a video that doesn't gives details on what to buy and hiw to rig it up. So... once again, Im consulting those with more "flying time" to find out the details on...
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    Bristol 24

    Greetings... My 1976 Bristol 24 Corsair had its rub rail replaced but the color selected by the marina was white. Big mistake. The item number provided is: DWP-120 FW(The white one) Does anyone knows the right number fir the black one and from who to order at a reasonable price? By the...
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    Bristol 24

    Here's the story: Just went to west marine to inquire why tbe rigging shop hasnt call me regarding requested price on my forestay which is to work inside a Schaefer 500 system(the one been sent to the rigging shop is new, never used, BUT since it was hanging in the wrong position for so long...
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    Garmin sounder

    Well once again, thx for taking a moment of your time guys... Well just as the previously discussed long scratch that even been superficial took the paint of for 3 feet long and 3 inches wide, the deepth sounder also suffered damage. How they managed to so i dont know. Its as you can see sort of...
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    Mixed subjects

    Mega scracht/and interior lights The scratch that you can see here is about 3 feet long, it didn't cause any gouges in hull just scraped the paint off... I was away when this happened. How to deal with it to have paint(gelco?) restored. ... Now the interior lights shown here, The oerco has a...
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    I got clean the hull(which was painted 2 years ago) and there's mold imprints left behind as shown in tne photo. Now then, if i apply a mild abrasive wax to the hull and a buffer would such take the marks off? Photo on the right shows the before side and the left one the after water, soap and...
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    B 24 jib tracks

    Hi... Anyone has an idea if the jib lead tracks are screwed directly into the fiberglass ir if they've a screw and washer covered by fiberglass, since none of the screws are coming out at all. Not even unscrewing a bit. I look under and see nothing. Thx C
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    Anyone owning a B24 had a dodger done for it? C
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    Bristol 24

    Anyone installed a bow roller on a B24? If so, could you provide photos /advise pls?... and thx to all who so far have assisted with previous questions... Thx again! C
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    Bristol 24

    Hi Has anyone with a B24 mounted a delta or other anchor on a bow roller? If so would be so kind to respond with advise, photos, ect? Thx for everything in advance. C
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    Forward hatch...

    Hi again guys/gals Well this time is the forward hatch on my B24(lid) was stolen a few months ago. I have someone willing to make one out of wood/plexiglass. But he needs the measurements in general. Someone out there?
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    B-24 stern...

    Hi guys... im actually on the quest for a stern rail... any help would be appreciated